Problem whit AI

Now here si everything what i do.
Step1.I start game
Step2.I press chat
Step3.I press singeplayer
Step4.I Select mod(operation luettich1.01)
Step5.I try select AI but game says i dont have no AI

also i cant made multiplayer game.

If you’re using SpringLobby, which version is it?

There should be a file named unitsync.log in your Spring folder. That file might contain the key to solving your problem. Can you upload that file here (it should be only a few kb in size)?

I download this game less than 5days ago. I make little black art(im not sure right word)
and i can select map and mod and test global AI but suddenly i press start and game shut down.

Just host a game in the multiplayer lobby and put a password on it.

Some developer tell me how i can download working version of this game and fully remove this one.

Post your infolog.txt here. That is the file which should be in your spring folder, it contains info as to why you crashed. Maybe then we’ll be able to help, currently we don’t know enough about what’s going on with your game.

You have a working version, probably encountering user error. TestGlobalAI is useless, it is just an idle AI for testing, even it it worked it would be unplayable.

oh yea so i cant find C.R.A.I.G and i cant start multiplayer game i just try uninstall and redonwload it. And i cant find my infolog.txt folder where it in fact should be?