Problem artillery in "Depoly"


I am a new user forum.

I would indicate a problem with the artillery, when I place the artillery “Deploy” (station with bags and tents) remains above the truck.

How do you fix the problem?

Let me know!

Thank you!

What version of Spring:1944 and the spring engine do you have? This looks like the problem caused by old engine version + new S44 (or vice versa).

I installed the new motor 0.87 and Spring: 1944 v1.53.

Maybe it was something of the old versions?


Can you please post infolog.txt from your game folder here? This will show us if there were any errors with it. Do this immediately after a game which shows such bugs so that the log is not overwritten by the next game.

Use or attach file to the post.

File attachment “infolog” after making a new game with the same bug reported by 2 screenshots up here:

Using game: Spring: 1944 v1.53 Operation Market Garden

That’s the problem. 1.53 does not work with 87.0 of the engine.
You need v1.59. You can find it in the lobby: join #s44 channel and the link to file will be in the channel topic.

Please, send me a link to the topic or web page.

Thank you!

It’s not a webpage, it’s a channel in Spring online lobby.

If you only need the file, here it is

Thanks yuritch!

I feel now the new version 1.59 to 0.87 Spring.

Then let you know!

It works well!

Thank you!