[PREVIEW] Sdkfz 251 "Stuka Zu Fuss"

Sdkfz 251 “Stuka Zu Fuss”

It’s my first time using blender, i’m a newbie on, so i try to make some easy models to skill myself.
The Sdkfz 251 body is the one of your game, I Just modeled the rockets with racks.

I don’t know if i will end it or abandon it. In the case I abandoned it, I’ll give to anyone the blender file who want.

I’ve finished the texture :

it’s not the model of the year :smiley: so I if you have some advices, post them!

I will work on a basic model, because i need more modeling/texture training and I want to make a playable unit :no4:

That is interesting, though the frame which holds the rockets is lighter than that in the photos, and the rockets themselves are a little larger. Otherwise, I think it looks good. You don’t need that many sides on the rockets though, at that size, four to six will work fine, as the texture picks up some of the load.

Bear in mind for gameplay that those rockets are 280mm or 300mm; they would make a very big bang when they land. Me likey :laughing:

I used this :

I think the scale is good

this mesh isn’t yet finished, because I need to improve my skill in lua and export from blender to spring…

Well, if that’s your only reference, then have a look at this (link)

Another weapons-related item; apparently they also could fire 320 mm incendiary rockets. Would make quite a spectacular mess of infantry and soft targets.