[PREVIEW] Sdkfz 222 light armored car

Nice work, but i think GBR needs more units , transform it 2 Humber MK II.

I remember that we did some redoing of models, maybe we can replace the older Sdkfz 250 (idk what version) scout thing with that one. Instead of redoing it.

this one ?
source : capub.eu/AW02E.html
if no, have you a decent blueprint ?
I can model your car, but I will not texture it for a while, I make shit with texture, I still try to do something good…

YES, awesome , !Vote 1 :smiley:

so will be my next model :wink:

about the Sdkfz 222, this is my camo patern :
any suggestion is welcome

Actually sdkfz.222 was obsolete by 1944, unlike the 250. So no replacement. But it can surely find its way into “Tactics” mode where limits on unit role overlapping are less strict than in main S44.

really? Didn’t knew that but I’m pretty sure that the Wehrmacht still used it?

they used until the war end :
from here : colleurs-de-plastique.com/fo … hp?t=23519

traduction : « at the west of Berlin, may 1945, Scharnhorst division »

and I have a sketch of sdkfz 222 with (I think, maybe I wrong) 1944 summer camo

but I think yuritch would said about the production, germans have stopped the production in 1944 (but which month ?)

It was supplemented by the 250/9 due to experience on the Eastern and African fronts. 250/9 originally had the 222 turret but later versions had the Hängelafette 38 as found on 234/1 and various other AFVs.

A wheeled vehicle is worse for scouting than a tracked one. Especially on Eastern and African theaters, but also in Europe, too.
And of course they used 222 till the end. You’ll be surprised if you did some research at what else they used in 1944-1945. Basically anything that could move and shoot was put into service. That doesn’t make it any less obsolete though.

The 222 was a good car but under armed especially since the the late war 4x4 british armored cars had 6 pounders or 75mm cannons (AEC series), from what I see you might as well have a dingo instead of a humber, I seem to remember that the humber had a 15mm besa in a turret early war and then a 2 pounder in a turret later in the war, your pic looks like a dingo, still the 222’s a good idea, and you could make a dingo as its enemy, since those are the three light armored cars of the war, the US didn’t have any, Ba-64, dingo, and 221 and 222 series

Late war British 4x4 armoured cars like the Daimler (2pdr), Humber Mk IV (37mm) and Staghound (37mm)? :wink:

AEC Armoured Car was really more akin to the 'Stummel’s (after all they replaced 75mm Halftracks).

And you’re confusing Humber Scout Car vs Humber Armoured Car. Akin to the difference between Daimler Scout Car (Dingo) and Daimler Armoured Car.

Sorry forgot about that and the AEC had the gun in the turret unlike the stummel

Well yuri true but we don’t have the mud and winter problem here in-game :slight_smile: the sdkfz 222 looks like a good replacement i think since its cheaper and more reliable then a tracked vehicle also faster maybe? ^^

well, i’m still fucked with camo texture, I made a dark metal version :

I will try to improve my camo texture…
any suggestion is welcome

looks very well isn’t it a bit too dark?

Yes it is a tad too dark, also it probably would be faster as N3mesis said though I’d say only on roads(not sure if thats possible

Or maybe a cheaper alternative to the Sdkfz 250? Instead of a replacement.

I would like this, I think sdkdz 250 it’s a good infantry support, the sdkfz222 should be more a recon unit
I make modifications on the darkness and colour :