[PREVIEW] Junkers 52

I have some problems to export my bunker mesh+texture in spring, so I started a new mesh for fun :

first time for me to modeling from scratch something different of building or crate… :smiley:

work in progress :smiley:

iirc we already haev a Ju-52 model. However, yours is looking nice. I’d suggest spending more polies on the engines (8 or 10 sided instead of 6). :slight_smile:

His is textured, so already much better than mine :slight_smile:

I agree about higher-poly engines, and also I don’t see the undercarriage on the model, which should be there (Ju52 had non-retracting wheels, and they are large enough to be seen ingame).

There is undercariage but not shown here, but good to speak about that because I forget the little wheel at the rear, I added the turret too.

I have to add some minor stuffs…

with texture (not yet finished)

Not sure but I thought Germans don’t get Paratroopers?
Anyways it would also be cool for dropping ammocrates or something.

Also as a prop for future maps maybe, for the deployment mode especially?

The Germans pretty much suspended airborne drops after the shellacking the Fallschimjagers took on Crete in 1941 (a victory, but one that crippled the force for the rest of the war). They made one paradrop in December 1944 as part of the Ardennes Offensive, but otherwise the troops were used as conventional infantry. Otherwise, Ju-52s were used for running supplies and ferrying troops and officers around; a lot of the Allied nightfighter kills in the last month of the war were Ju-52s trying to run high-ranking Germans out of Berlin.


I have plan to mesh an ammunition crate too! this is my first mesh unit from scratch, organic mesh is a bit too hard for me… so we will get fallschirmjäger only if some one mesh them… :smiley:

…everyone loves the screenshots !..

well, I have some « noobish » questions :

  1. I look the stuka I saw that the fuselage and the wings are disjoints, mine is one mesh I can reduce the polygons number by disjoining wing, gears, wings motors and fuselage. It will be better to do that ?

  2. What’s better : Dark or light stripes ?

3) about red : can I make two planes back-to-back like here :

  1. about blue : can I make two planes and using alpha texture to draw a circle ? in blender not a problem but in spring ?

  2. the paint is good ? I used pictures from here :
    I can still change the paint you just have to show me pictures

Link somewhat unrelated.


They used paratroopers against the netherlands as well on the start of the western campaign.

True, but that was 1940. After the Battle of Crete in May 1941 there was only one more paradrop conducted by the Germans; Hitler thought the casualties (6-7,000 KIA/WIA/MIA out of 29,000 airborne and mountain troops) were overly high and grounded the force. Ironically the battle was what prompted the US and British to form their own large airborne units.


The last paradrop was Operation Stossel, a night jump of 1,300 troops launched on Dec. 17th 1944 to seize a crossroads near Malmedy, Belgium. Due to a snowstorm and high winds, some troops were dropped as far as 12 kilometers off target; only 300 men assembled at the drop zone and abandoned the original objective in favor of harassing Allied forces. Although it did tie up a fair number of troops in the rear, overall it had little effect on the battle.

Not sure if the Germans changed their policies for Operation Stossel, but previously weapons were dropped in canisters separately from the troops. Some Fallschimjagers did jump with MP40 SMGs, but most of them had nothing but knives on them when they hit the deck. That was a large reason why the first day on Crete was a bloodbath; the tide only turned when the British left the island’s airfield uncovered and German forces managed to fly troops and equipment straight into the island…

mesh and texture improved

Looking good, though I think the skin corrugation should be more noticeable. :slight_smile:

If this will be used has anyone considered a dfs230 glider that can be towed to drop light anti tank guns and machine guns, just wondering will britain have a hamilcar carrying a tetrarch,

Texture looks good, nice and clear; IMHO needs more definition, weathering and a toning-down of the colour depthness, it looks a bit cartoonish.