Press Package

A press package is a collection of marketing materials usually assembled to promote a specific product or organization. Traditionally a press package for a particular product might contain samples of that product or a demonstration model, images of the product in action, and documents alternatively praising and explaining the product. Of course, we’re a primarily online community and the press packages we are focusing on here are probably intended for use in the same environment. Assuming our primary product is a game, and our package is tailored for use in marketing and distribution online, there are going to be certain differences. A basic press package here should consist of the following;

  • A brief, standardized description of the game.
  • A variety of still images showcasing gameplay situations and visuals.
  • An extended article explaining the game in more depth.
  • Standardized links to resources where the game can be obtained.

More advanced press packages might include;

  • A variety of standardized descriptions of the game for different target audiences.
  • Reviews from reputable sources.
  • Accounts from developers and documents indicating future plans.
  • Links to communities or resources associated with the game.
  • Short advertising or gameplay videos.
  • Other multimedia or audience-specific content.

The press package is a resource constructed by game developers or key contributors intended for use by any who are interested in promoting the game. A well-maintained press package is thus quite useful, it potentially takes some of the burden of promotion off the game developers, it better equips players to seek new competition, and it lends a certain appearance of organization. If you can’t produce everything you desire internally, don’t be embarrassed to ask others from the engine community for help. At a certain level, we support one another in our endeavors, and an advancement for one is usually helpful for the others.

If you’re interested in assembling a traditional press package as well, a low budget package would consist of black and white fliers with the content of the basic outline above. This could be useful for advertising on campus or during a festival, though from experience people tend to respond even better to installers on CD.

I may be posting the above on the Spring forums at some point in response to Argh’s marketing trolling, but in the meantime, we should try to assemble a press package here. We’ve been getting good games, I think we can get some good screenshots and probably put a short film or two together.

I honestly think putting a press package together and allowing our general population to use it in advertising would help out a lot. Anyway, I’m up for discussion if anybody else is interested.