PreM v210, with spring 0.81.3 (new engine), kiev4

I have fixed my desync problems.
Duration, 1.5 hours.
Godde vs zCram + Drill

My ally managed to play his part mostly with infantry, against godde’s tanks and whatnot. In my highlty subjective opinion, US inf seems a bit strong somehow, compared to the other factions, and in this case, GER…

The other side was GER vs GER, a good case I think. Clearly, GER is rather inf constrained now, like GBR, but almost worse. With the improvements that new engine has imposed on certain units, it seems to me that reloadtimes and time-between-shots would need some tweaking, some how the gameplay has become rather fast and units die very quickly (remember, the metal was on LOW setting mult=1).
Hmm. Now seen the other factions, thinking US inf mite need lil nerf?! They shoot very fast indeed.

Tanks like to turn themselves even on hold pos, this is very annoying. Turning them right manually is difficult, but doable, it requires multiple times giving the order usually. Someone told me that this is actually fixed in svn? Or not.

Drill seemed to be happy about the sniper, I didn’t use any myself so I wouldn’t know. Supposedly the engine changes affected it aswell.


Kiev needs a v5, sync error messages happen + that odd crash with 64 bits ubuntu someone had.

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Replay is here

GER vs GER, map: Dworld, duration: 1.25 hrs

How fast is too fast? Remember that US riflemen are the only ones with semiauto rather than bolt-action rifles; they suffer in accuracy against British and German riflemen in range and accuracy but should be unloading lead a lot faster.