Pre-release todo

Hey everyone,

We’re doing a pretty awesome job of wiping out the original M series to-do list, and the game seems pretty tight these days in general (aside from some infantry level over-tweaking on my end). So, I think we’re within shouting distance of a release. Here’s what I’m hoping to accomplish before we ship (hopefully soon!) -

  • Resources tutorial mission, maybe other tutorials (I’ll go make a poll on the most confusing part of the game in general, hopefully get some numbers).
  • Navy stuff playable*
  • Sort out infantry balance shakedowns (flanking damage? recent tweaks to crawling/prone damage/pinned stuff)
  • Get armor in a place we’re happy with - I feel like we’re pretty close, but this is mostly Zerg’s domain these days.
  • Tweak HQ spawn gadget to have the HQ face the general direction of the enemy
  • Other? (please post/edit this post and add with a note on current status)

Here was the goal list for the first M series release, and the current status:

  • Navy implementation/balance- in progress

  • Integrate/balance Zerg’s new cover and AP/armor systems- in progress, but seems pretty good generally

  • Paratroop/glider system - Zerg implemented paratroops, Spiked/flozi skinned/modeled/uvmapped. They’re in!

  • Further development of the GM tools - I haven’t yet touched this; however, the persistentUnits widget could probably be used to save unit setups (just need to finish the gadget-side spawner for them). depending on how important we think this is (so far, not very :stuck_out_tongue:) I can probably spend some time working on this.

  • Standardize sound fx/unit ack volumes across the board - yuri just did this!

  • More voices/fx? - zerg spiced up the larger FX; I think they look pretty awesome (check out a fighter-bomber’s bomb or the GBRMonitor main gun for an example.

  • Run some events - we had a tournament, but I’d love to have stuff ready to roll on release day (more tournaments, dogfighting events, deployment mode naval combat, ect).

  • Play lots!

[size=85]*This means: move stats/turnrates all sorted, appropriate costs, weapons balance, unit relationships such that the destroyers don’t require more than 7 minutes to build despite their power - for reference, a tiger II is 3.5 minutes to build). Mostly this involves making torpedoes absolutely whoop-ass powerful and making the big ships crappy at tracking/hitting the fast, pesky torpedo boats, thus requiring combat vessels to screen for them, vessels which are easily blown to bits by destroyers or destroyer escorts or tanks or what-have-you.[/size]

you should decide how/if you wanna use the SL simple mode. I’d need to tweak stuff in installer/buntu package for that, putting in a proper desktop launcher/wrapper script.

Oh, of course. We absolutely want to use it. I’ll poke at it this weekend if I’m not stuck at work the whole time.

current build: …
remember you need development spring for it to work:

I fixed issues with transports with tiny loadRadius in the engine yesterday night, but forgot to add loadRadius to all transports.

So this is also a to do item :slight_smile:

Has there been poking yet?

I’ll try to get new s44 installer up for people to test today, but no promises.

kartoffel wanted to made the Germany Navy sound files. I asked him yesterday…