Pre-M v22x Feedback & Bugs

Major changes:

  • Mortars/howitzers will now gain dramatically increased accuracy on targets they are firing on which are inside LoS after a 20 second ‘zeroing time’.
  • Players receive money for aircraft that successfully return (survive) sorties, up to 50% of the original sortie cost. Any damage to the planes is deducted. Note that this means an interceptor sortie could be as cheap as 2k command if things go well. (flozi’s first conquest)
  • Planes no longer can resupply while on-map. (double kill)
  • infantry icons no longer shown while in transports (MULTI kill!)
  • Added 2 AT guns to initial spawn.
  • Added 1 transport/logistics truck to initial spawn.
  • Increased suppression radius on MGs by 50%.
  • TONS of bugfixes by FLOZi - transport locations, yardmap stuff, infolog spam, substantial improvement to supply radius widget, minefield notification, healthbars, script cleanups and maintenance (MEGA KILL)
  • volume for planes can be controlled per unit mod-side (ULTRA KILL)
  • Deploy, cancel ambush, clear mines, HE/smoke toggle, sortie call-ins all now bind-able! (MMMMMONSTER KILL! floz for victory!)
  • turn command made bind-able AND queue-able! (HOLY SHIT! FLOZi wins!)
  • howitzers can no longer gain experience. this prevents them from turning into crazy base-sniping monsters after a few kills
  • howitzers/rocket arty more expensive (but no arc reduction)
  • Fixed luarules crash in indirect fire gadget (which caused things to not resupply).
  • Reduced partisan sortie cost substantially (2400 command to 1500) and made the spawn a bit more generous - they’re really not that powerful except in huge numbers or in absolute surprise.

In conclusion, floz is awesome.

I wonder if you can fix the accuracy manually using Spring.SetUnitWeaponState… either that or ask for an un-hardcoding of accuracy improvement.

Problem is that the weapons accuracy value (i.e. the value controlled/returned by Set/GetUnitWeaponState is not actually changed, but some multiplier of it is that is used to determine the ‘spread’ of the shot, engine side.

We could change it enough to cancel out the engine bonus. (Incidentally, this is how I removed the amphibious speed penalty in CA before the depthMod tag existed.)

I suggested such a thing to nemo, but doing it accurately would not be pleasant, it was easiest just to reset gun XP to 0.

local limXP = xp / (xp + 1)
local accuracy = weaponDef.accuracy / (1 - limXP * 0.9)
local sprayAngle = weaponDef.sprayAngle / (1 - limXP * 0.9)

I believe there’s a UnitExperience callin.

Edit: Upon more consideration I realized there were non-trivial interactions with other gadgets.

what sense do the two AT-guns at the start have? Everything that spawns at the start risk to get stuck in trees, hills or maybe civilian buildings on the map…

It would be better if you can order them from the hq for free (two ATs) then you dont risk that one player is unbalanced because his AT-gun got stuck in a civillian building or little hill or what ever…

I had this more then two times that a AA-Gun got stuck in a Flag i was unable to move it after morhphing it… -.-

Hope it helps.

Hopefully fixed in svn rev 2463.

We can probably modify the gadget which clears start location of features and the start spawning gadget itself to reduce the possibility of units spawning into a location where they are stuck.

IIRC the spawn gadget already checks that it doesn’t spawn units on top of features / hills (hills where the unit couldn’t have been built normally).

Probably does. It won’t check for flags though, infact I’m not sure what is spawned first.

Should be an easy tweak to ensure that flags are spawned first? not sure if flags are blocking or not, but they surely prevent building…

IIRC they are non blocking and they are spawned much later than the start units.

unload xD

Calling in air sorties was possible with hotbindings in SVN at one point. Now its not possible in v222 or SVN.

Nemo broke it in rev 2421 :stuck_out_tongue: … 04&r2=2421

Fixed now (rev 2467)

Partisan planes triggers the sirens of the enemy.
They should be stealthy, right?
And you dont want to send in fighters only to stop a lone partisan plane.

Unfinished Supply storages drain 1000 logistics if cancelled. If destroyed it is less.

Mm, currently the sound is played by the widget whenever it detects the ‘incoming enemy aircraft’ message. So either it should be played by the gadget, or the message shouldn’t be given for ‘stealthy’ sorties, probably the latter, or both.