Pre-M v200 Feedback & Bugs


  • Fire weapons now burn on the ground for a while after firing. Molotovs still broken for some strange reason.
  • Bumped up armor counter ‘hardness’ slightly, to 4.5 (from 3.7).
  • Reduced HE damage to vehicles and tanks (especially tanks) fairly substantially (from 1/2 normal HE damage to 1/3rd).
  • Reduced the ‘penetration’ that grenades get. This basically means they’re more deadly to lighter tanks, and have a much harder time damaging heavier ones.
  • Several navy graphical fixes from Yuri.
  • Updated credits.txt (neddie)
  • Removed auto-targeted arty when firing. Look for muzzle flashes!
  • Range/reload/damage nerf to partisan molotov.

Did my Partisan detection changes make it in?

I ask because the problem was as much the role as the armament, as you know.

Partisans can be cloaked while moving.

Neddie: they did, but mostly by oversight. I maintain that those characteristics stick out like a sore thumb, and we should address the problem by other means.

I’ve been promising but not delivering, so I’ll just start here and keep editing my post. I’ll try to somehow separate obvious shortcomings and my own subjective thoughts and ideas.

  1. Rus AT rifile and sniper animation needs repair. They seem to fire 1.68 times per second or something like that. [COSMETIC]

  2. Tanks are ridiculously strong against artillery fire. They are almost not damaged at all after many direct hits. [CONCERN]

  3. Rockets (katie more, nebel a tad less) hitting things other then inf and storages are not causing very much damage, either. Direct katie hit to a dug-in AT gun from germany didn’t do very much damage at all, and was AUTOREPAIRED in a few moments. I was expecting to see that about at least 3 rockets would kill a dug-in gun. [VERY CONCERN]

  4. I agree with godde’s next post. It used to be a good way to truck-unload your troops at enemy storage but now they just kill their own selves when supposedly grenading the storage. \fix unknown, possible at all? [GAME MECHANICS]

  5. Marder cost (this was increased very lately, as Nemo has said) is too much, in early game I’ve been in and seen situations, where a marder could save the game, but the (too) long build time makes it arrive when the game is already over. It’s an exceptionaly slow moving unturreted tracked vehicle with slow rate of fire and (almost) no armour, wtf 1600 cost? [POOR UNIT]

  6. SU-100 and Jagdpanther are range-incompatible. SU-85 and SU-100 differ too little from each other right now to justify the existance of two distinct units. | I guess they’ll be better with next engine version but even now they were inferiour to ISU-152 in the AT role. In big battles it is vital to observe how much on average a certain unit kills (making mental notes on units’ xp) before it dies itself. Because of slow reload time, SU-100 did kind of bad. Increasing range would perhaps make it viable again. (JagdPanther has 2500-ish vs 1860 on the SU-100. Compare JagdpanzerIV 1690 vs SU-85 1610) [POOR UNIT]

  7. When you select a supply storage it give you an audio responce as if there was a person inside, talking. Sorages should be “static objects” rather and make an abstract sound? [COSMETIC]

  8. German V1 rocket is an unit that nobody builds. Reasons are numerous. Something should be changed, the idea is good overall. Perhaps it is too easyly killed. [GAME MECHANICS]

  9. Nothing has been done about a single antiair gun/vehicle killing 100% paratroopers. [GAME MECHANICS]

  10. Russian ATinf (rpg) persons are really useless. They decloak way before they can fire, and are thus killed very early. Less evident in that big game replay, they are in masse there and get some hits; but this is really bad in smaller games, when you at least expect a standing-still ATguy to get the odd tank that drives by it. [POOR UNIT]

  11. US flamethrower persons are decloaked by popular request in this version. This is another type of unit that on average now will get 0 kills before own death. They are so slow that they have no hope of getting to enemy base (it used to be a sneakunit, remember?), the only way I’ve seen it fire is when it sits under a mountain waiting for arseholes to come over it and be taken by suprise.
    The squads are not worth building, that’s my message. And the assault-squad ones just get massacred. Useless unit. I’d like to see a testcase where someone inherits brit structures and manages to take flamers in a roo to center of enemy storages. Would make justification to two kinds of useless units. [POOR UNIT]

  12. Roo could use an MG. Nobody really builds it, and when they do it gets killed really easy because it is slow and unarmed… [POOR UNIT]

:no4: :blush:

Infantry tend to throw grenades inside halftracks and trucks just as they are being unloaded. The grenade hits the transport damaging or destroying it.
They only throw grenades if there is enemies around offcourse.

Flamers have cost of 300 which mean that pretty much everything targets them first.

Didn’t he adjust that to make them eq to regular inf?

Not in v200.
He adjusted AT-infantry.

That’s already fixed in SVN, so it’ll be okay next build.

Does anybody else get a bug where they can’t unload their troops if they did an incomplete unload earlier?

  1. I think we will tweak that, but I agree.
  2. Fixed in SVN.
  3. Well, supposedly the Kangaroo was equipped with a .30 cal pintle mount machinegun, so… why not?

The “why not” is because it is a unit with tank-level armor introduced at the same time as vehicles, of which only one (marder) has even a reasonable chance of killing it. Kangaroo used to be absolute bomber, and I suspect with the reduced damage of nades is still quite potent, but maybe the speed is what really kills it.

I get infantry stuck in a truck unable to unload sometimes.