Pre-M v190 Feedback & Bugs


  • Reduced reload time on torps because they’re ammo-limited.
  • Removed AP damage mult beacuse it is now hardcoded at a good value.
  • Added LVT(A)4 to US boatyard - its a thinly armored amphib tank with a 75mm gun.
  • Reduced range on PSK and LCT guns by 20% so they’re less like rapid fire howitzers.
  • Unit descriptions now more informative logistically.
  • Howitzers now fire like howitzers again (and should be more accurate at the end of their range).
  • Series of cost tweaks for ships.
  • Various ships received supply ranges.
  • Semi-fixed deployment mode (still no infantry << >>)
  • Fixed various stealth/nonstealth issues with ships. Vorpostenboot/lscl/psk/flower are all radar-visible all the time, anything smaller but which has a large/long range gun is only visible on radar after firing
  • PSK BT fixed.
  • Lots of ship graphical and animation fixes (go yuri go!)
  • New model/skin for german pontoon raft.
  • Ships targeting behavior fixed (no longer aim at flags, etc).