Pre-M v18X feedback & bugs

Edits inside []

  1. [FIXED in v184] Can’t build boat yard
  2. [RESOLVED Meant only to fire at things that sit deep enough in water.] Torpedo boats don’t fire torpedoes [Nemo says I was firing at something that was too shallow (realism-yes, but does it make for good play?)]
  4. [SEMI-FIXED with limited ammo] Guns on naval things are too powerful and fire too fast. Main gun on big beasts should take some time to reload. Flak on ships/boats mostly kills shoreside enemy inf. The way they keep shooting after hours and hours into game is just nonsensical.
  5. I miss the modoption to disable navies.

Non-naval related:
6. Infanterie get stuck at buildings’ corners when told to go past them. Haven’t seen mortars or mgs stuck though, and only barracks seems to be the trouble? Confirm pse.

I had problems 2 unload bitish mg squad from truck .

I have for many times had that trouble with different factions even, sometimes they can load more (when they are NOT full yet) but mostly can only be made work again with deploying. This bug usually effects the game outcome, since your plan of fast resupplying troops to someplace early game goes down the tubes.

8.a. Sd.Kfz 251/1 loads field gun inside instead of towing it. Intended that way?
8.b. [FIXED] Sd.Kfz 251/1 no longer shows big supply radius.

  1. Could the Sd.Kfz 250/9 be made able to tow the field gun? (: Could make a positive impression on it’s role.

  2. Tanks will not fire at what you tell them to when there are enemy tanks nearby, even when it is a nonfunctional one being built in an enemy yard. This ruins “base raids”.

This is a side-effect of them having separate AP and HE ammo. Set them to Hold Fire and they should stop overriding your orders. And this should not be 18x specific, it should have happened in previous versions as well.

True. But there are no branches in s44 that are developed independently. No point of telling that in the v160 thread now that v184 is out, right? Tell me if I’m wrong please… Everybody seems to know about this but haven’t seen it written down anywhere.

That’s because there is no easy way to fix it.

…that’s what Nemo said, too.