Pre-M v170 feedback

It’s once again possible to kill 2 AA guns with 1 fighter sortie.
T-60 still seem a bit too weak (as in next to useless).

I find the T-60 useful against infantry. It kills infantry much faster than halftracks, can’t be targeted by smallarms and kills enemy halftracks with ease. I haven’t tested it against german sdkz 250/9 which should be the closest similiar vehicle.
Going up against greyhounds and daimlers seems too risky. You got IS-76 for that.
I am longing to see the buff to the T-70 45mm gun. T-70 might even prove to be a match against german light tanks then.

Edit:The T-60 kills sdkz 250/9 with ease aslong as its front armor faces the halftrack.

T 60 always worked fine, prefer T 70 of course not against tanks. AA vehicles need more range , i put them on hills 2 be more effective , especially british and russia aa vehicles .

Minesigns are uncloaked by mines.

British daimler, AT car,AA car have same icon. I tried 2 kill vehicles with AA car xD.Small AT/AA on icon could help.