Pre-M v160 feedback & bugs

  1. In the previous pre-m, it was possible to turn a whole bunch of armour vehicles with a single command. Now it doesn’t work that way and each unit has to be micro-turned.

Edit: works in sandbox, yurich says maybe I had a lua crash, and that it should work actually.

  1. Infantry still gets stuck sometimes at barrack doors when waypoints have been set.

  2. GbrGliders, land whereever they want, units stuck on landscape. Pics below. Nobody wants them to end up somewhere you couldn’t even imagine they’d end up. I’m not sure how this would even be possible to fix but there just has to be some better way…

Somehow the bulletin software reverses the order in which I wanted to post the pictures. Sorry about that.

Hey zCram, thanks for starting the thread. I’ve been insane-busy recently, and will be for just another week (after that I’ve got holidays for a few weeks).

The paratrooper/glider spawn issue is tricky. We may be able to address the glider one (trying to get it to act like a unit and slide up/down slopes so it comes to rest in an area where the units can walk around), but generally the ‘clumping at edge of map’ issue will probably be hard to resolve.

Gragh rax doors. I’ll tweak the gadget to try to fix that.

Gliders arent really made for landing in mountains. It would be cool if they crashed if they landed in too hilly terrain, infantrymen dropping out of the glider smashing into the ground.

For the units in group not turning issue: I can’t replicate that, and zCram cannot do it anymore as well. Could have been a lua crash (but then they wouldn’t be able to turn one by one either). So for now this one awaits further confirmation (if it happens again, infolog should tell if there was a crash).

There is another issue with turn command however. If you have multiple units selected, you’ll see as many turn buttons as there are different unit types selected. That’s a limitation of cobbuttons.lua unfortunately (can be fixed by rewriting turn in place as a separate gadget).

In the situation in the second graphic, it was ordered to make appearance on flat ground…

Rafts and infantry boats have a tendency to get stuck at shore. If they could move in reverse they propably would not get stuck.

Although the multi-veh turn mishap might of been a lua crash, they don’t seem to -turn, that was working in the previous test v., also.

Is the T-70 45mm gun going be better at penetrating armor than the 37.5mm gun?

What should happen with paratroopers that land in water? They shouldn’t just sit on the bottom of the sea right?

Hardened storage buildpic looks like an ordinary supply depot.

Troopers landed at sea should be swimming… very slowly… with mgs, mortars, guns, etc converted to regular infantrymen (hardware sunked to bottom, right?). Gliders - half of them didn’t get out of the plane and sunked to bottom also.
Just a thought.

Other buildpics are missing, notably the US heavy tank and some self-propelled arty piece from a nation whose name I forget.

I can see the hq icons fine? Must be your speciality bug.

I turned down /disticons 100

I could see the HQ icons then but they was shown way after barracks, and factories. Is there a reason that the HQs unit icon should be displayed later then the barracks?

The US jumbo(heavy) got a buildpic. The US priest does not got a buildpicture. Okey… The priest got a buildpicture with an american flag but the priest is not visible in it.