Pre-M v150 feedback

Changelog from 140:

  • Smoke-induced accuracy fixed, and inaccuracy mult raised to 10. Woo Flozi!
  • Fixed Priest not stealthing properly.
  • Fixed nochase categories on TDs/turretless vehs.
  • Set ISU-152, Cromwell CS, and Sherman 105 ranges to ~1850.
  • Increased katy logistics cost to match per-rocket cost of Nebelwerfer (which is probably excessively good atm). very large logistics cost increase.
  • Raised P4 cost by 15%.
  • Fixed problem with prereq gadget.
  • Trucks deploy into the truck resource pile, halftracks into the other one.
  • Cheapened V1 sortie cost, and making it slightly more accurate.
  • Removed DT movement inaccuracy.
  • 15% cost decrease to T-70.
  • Smallarms damage to armored vehicles reduced slightly.
  • Removed 1 Commissar from Soviet spawn.
  • Sniper costs reduced.
  • Flamer LoS reduced slightly.
  • Partisan squad added back to Soviet spawn.
  • Fixed Staghound model.
  • Fixed V1 sound errors.

Had a 3v2 on Small Supreme. One of my team’s players dropped, and I took his units (Germans). I wasn’t able to build German tank yard with German construction vehicle despite having the barracks - tankyard buildpic was darkened as ‘disabled’. I built 1 more German barracks to see if this will re-enable the yard, but it remained disabled.

Is it possible to disable the lead on vehicles for mortars? Their lead on infantry is quite useful but leading on vehicles might result in mortars shooting themself and even behind themself.

Lead is either on or off i’m afraid.

You could try the leadLimit tag (I think it’s in elmos, not sure).

Unfinished supply depots drain like 1000 command if they gets cancelled.

T-60 costs more than T-70 now o_O.

I think we need a widget like the Nuke button widget for planes. So that it is easy to select them.

Once when I was russia and built planes from my allys german HQ, I wasnt able to send them in since they didnt queue up after being built. I did some testing by taking an AI. When we both were germany and I built scout planes from my allies HQ the scout planes queued up in my own HQ without them being shown in my allies HQ.

Interceptors(American) are too slow to counter V-1 rockets in a satisfactory way.

[s]You don’t need to finish your barracks in order to build a vehicle yard or such. You only need to start it. After the barracks have cancelled itself you are still able build vehicle yards and such even if you don’t have a finished or unfinished barracks alive. Tested with germany.
This was not the case in v140.
Propably due to changing UnitFinished callin to UnitCreated.

Altough we had problems before aswell:



Bah yes. Quite possibly. Guess I’ll have to take another look at that.

Please test SVN 2225 to see if it’s fixed: … ision=2225

Barracks dependencies works. I haven’t found a way to go around it. I tested it with germany.
Sharing engineers usually works fine but taking an ally usually does not work well. In my testing by giving a vehicle engineer and then taking the AI, the engineers aren’t able to build any factories except barracks even if i build additional barracks they aren’t able to build gunyards and such.
The taken german HQ is not able to send in scout planes.

What is the role of the hardened barracks?
It cost almost three times as much as the normal barracks.
It does not make factories buildable.
It builds at the speed of 1 ordinary barracks.
It has only three times the hitpoints of the ordinary barracks.
3 standard barracks are simply better than a bunker.

SVN 2226 needs testing for fixed take behaviour

Some more testing in SVN 2231.

Me geramny, 1 freindly allied german null AI and an enemy german null AI.

[22:16:58] FLOZi * r2231 /trunk/S44LiteRelease.sdd/LuaRules/Gadgets/game_prereqs.lua: * … and another
[22:19:10] <[S44]FLOZi> fancy 1 more test godde? :stuck_out_tongue:
[22:23:36] * [S44]FLOZi has left #s44 (Quit: timeout)
[22:36:36] now i tested with taking more engineers
[22:37:00] anyway
[22:37:06] i built a barracks
[22:37:32] i shared 10 engineers
[22:37:40] and then shared the barracks
[22:37:55] and then i shared 10 more engineers
[22:37:56] and took
[22:38:12] and out 20+1 starting engineers
[22:38:37] 10 was unable to build yards and stuff
[22:38:43] the rest could build yards and stuff
[22:39:01] it appeared to be random
[22:39:24] 3 from the group that was shared first was unable to build yards
[22:39:38] and 6 from the later shared group
[22:40:03] all my own engineers was able to build yards and stuff after i took the barrack
[22:47:48] and in order for the ten that could not build yards i was forced to destroy all my barracks and build a new one before they could build yards
[22:50:11] but on the other hand
[22:50:22] if my ally didnt have a barracks while i had a barracks when i took
[22:50:33] no engineers were able to build yards and such
[22:53:54] when we both had barracks before taking
[22:54:08] only 2 out of 21 were unable to build yards

Sorry I disappeared, internet cut out completely for a while.

It might be simpler in the end to just use the lua functions to count units by type in the team rather than trying to keep track of them in the gadget. :angry:

[s]The Churchill can fire AP shells without having ammo.

(For the sake of it I went trough all vehicles. None of them fired AP shells without having ammo.)[/s]


The M4M3(105) Sherman.
The M2 Browning .50 cal(top machine gun) fires at tanks aswell as infantry.
The M1919A4 Browning .30(in turret?) does not fire at infantry.


The Sexton is targeted by small arms. It has more armor than a panzer4. Shouldn’t it be treated as a tank?

Sexton is open top, but that’s a fair point.

Fixed churchill.

[s]The stuart won’t turn when I give a turn command.

For the sake of it I tested like all vehicles and tanks. The russian mobile AA doesn’t have a turn command but it doesnt got directional armor either so it doesn’t matter.[/s]


SVN rev 2235. Test it.

Also, 2236 fixes the Sherman 105 issues.

… and 2237 fixes Stuart turning.

2238 (hopefully) fixes taken/given radio/hq not stockpiling sorties - but they will still only be stockpiled in the structure which CAN actually order them (rather than the structure which DID order them). i.e. if you have a german and a US hq, and you build some german recon planes, they are only visible in your german hq and not your us hq. However if you have 2 german hq’s the recon sorties should show up in both.

SVN 2238
Tested barracks dependencies with me as germany, ally null AI, as germany and enemy null AI as germany. Worked very well. :slight_smile:
All taken engineers could build yards and such if I and/or my ally had a barracks when I took.
If I didn’t have atleast 1 barracks at any time my engineers were unable to build yards and such regardless if I had self D, shared my barracks.