Pre-M v140 feedback & bugs

Changelog basically everything in the “pre-M v130” thread plus a 15% reduction in infantry prone armor bonus.

For great victory!


  • Perhaps raise log cost of katy
  • Perhaps lower cost of veh yard for sovs/make vehicles aside from SU-76 worthwhile
  • look at ISU 152s perhaps being a little on the accurate/awesome side - done
  • Fix mines not detonating when placed in shallow water. - anyone know how to do this?
  • Give sovs their partisans back at spawn. - done
  • perhaps lower sniper cost a bit - done
  • Flamers have too high LoS/are too cheap. - done
  • lower soviet veh yard cost - done, 25% reduction, now between US and GER veh yard costs
  • check usefulness of T-70, BA-64, T-60 - done. T-70 cheaper, BA-64 slightly more resilient, veh yard cheaper.
  • release?!

This. SU-100 should have a use, and that use should be tank killing at long range. Currently ISU does this better, plus it’s effective against soft targets as well. Perhaps a considerable inaccuracy (so that hitting building-sized target at half range is very probable still, but tank-sized one at max range is not) will fix that, along with maybe an accuracy boost for SU-100?

So I specced a 2v2 on 1944_Terra Firma. That’s a 12x14 map. No matter how far I zoomed out, I’ve never seen the icons for the following:

  • German HQ;
  • US HQ;
  • any kind of aircraft (those were US and German recons, DC-3 and US ground attack planes);
  • US paratroopers while still in the air.

Other units turned into icons normally.

I imagine its the dumb engine change that was made.

the german vehicle yard also had a wrong “buildpic” not really the build pic but if you hover with the mouse over the vehicle or tank yard (i forgot which one it was) a wrong pic of the british yard pops up. had this yesterday while i was fighting together with flozi.

Sherman 105mm has considerably more range than an ISU-152 (like 2250 vs 1700). Doesn’t seem right.

That is because Nemo were frustrated about people using ISU-152 as artillery if I recall it correctly. Now that artillery range have been buffed, taking back ISU-152 to its previous range of 2530 seems like a possible thing to do.

Have you tried giving mines water Line of Sight?
Someone said that it might work.