Pre-M v130 feedback and bugs

Once more unto the breach…

[size=150]Changes: [/size]

  • Barracks Bunker and Storage Bunker added for Germans
  • Infantry vulnerability to bullets increased slightly.
  • Infantry logistics usage decreased slightly.
  • Bumped up Storage Building cost to 3040, storage level to 1040 (this was a 10% decrease in the command value of logistics, making it a bit more plentiful), dropped their HP to 500, and gave them a huge/awesome death explosion.
  • Added the storage dies penalty from CA - when you have 500 logistics and 2 storage buildings, losing one of them will not just reduce your storage amount, but also knock your current logistics level down to 250.
  • 15% Russian Rax cost increase
  • 10% Commissar cost increase
  • Removed partisan squad from russian spawn, added mortar instead
  • added one commissar to russian start.
  • Changed to 1 storage building on spawn for all nations.


  • Sort out some soviet ships having a cost of 1 command. - yuri fixed it
  • Remove destroyers/other large stuff from large shipyards, because they’re going to take too long to sort out. - Just disabled the upgrade to large boatyards for now.
  • Fix ger barracks bunker and tacoma scripts (piece warning)
  • Perhaps look at limiting soviets more/in different ways.
  • Slow down storage explosion a bit so when you have a clump of them, setting one off starts a chain reaction rather than an instant combustion. - done. Storage dominoes ftw!
  • Do the commando satchel charge button thing.
  • Perhaps cheapen planes a bit, and/or look at their effectiveness. LoS? - Raised Attack Plane LoS by 15%
  • Perhaps lower soviet veh yard cost. Perhaps.
  • Investigate british power (everyone seems to play germany/russia, with a few randoms in US). Godde is the notable exception here.
  • Set FBs to start on hold fire, switch after bomb drops - it doesn’t yet switch, but they start on hold fire now.
  • Fix mines not exploding. - done, it was the No_self_damage gadget that was preventing it. Now they just use GET KILL_UNIT in bos.
  • Lower infantry prone armor bonus? - done, 15% reduction.
  • investigate indecisiveness of sov-sov games. Soviets too much to handle/put together any sort of attack? resulting in very defensive game, since defense is a lot less micro-demanding than offense. according to nix

Edit: updated. Yuri started fixing stuff about 3 minutes after I posted this…<_<

The unit voices for previous versions were painful enough to dissuade me from playing, people probably remember this and either don’t know or just have unfond memories of playing as them.

Also, resized AA groundplates attached. They, like every other groundplate are displaced the the left and up, but it’s only seriously noticeable on the russian AA.


Britain seem fine to me. I’m not sure how 25pdr’s range drawback will be affected by the overall arti changes; I much preferred it for it’s RoF and accuracy in the past, now that the range shortfall is less of an issue, it may prove to be substantially more powerful than the guns available to other factions.

In 3 separate games my gliders have substantially overshot their target LZ, and crashed and burned/landed in the middle of the Wehrmacht’s finest… it kinda negates their use :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall the build seems pretty solid.

I think ground attack planes could do with more LoS maybe. They very often overshoot their target before being able to take a shot. I appreciate the desire to force people to synergise ground forces with air, but the main use for tank buster planes is to counter the SP guns/tanks that are operating behind a substantial infantry screen: the tanks that are too hard to take out with AT inf, or the comparatively short range AT deployed guns. It is nigh on impossible to get LoS on these targets with your ground forces, and timing a recon plane to be there as the tankbusters arrive is a nightmare, let alone a cheeky hidden cost/micro sink/potential noobtrap.

Dgun style satchel charges have been mentioned a few times… I think building the satchel may be a little unintuitive to somebody not well versed in spring, but if commandos could just instantly drop their satchels on a building, I, for one, would win a LOT more games with commando spam (and I feel I’m doing fine in that regard anyway :stuck_out_tongue:).

One thing that commandos would really benefit from would be some indication of how many satchels each individual unit has remaining, with the same being true of the drop zone. It’s a bit of a faff to pick out the pathfinders from the “regular” commandos as it is, to then have to try and work out which ones have which options available to them becomes even more of a micro sink.

Wasps: are they op for cost? They fail hilariously vs a Russian player with well placed AT rifles, and need a fair amount of micro to be used effectively, but I increasingly find myself building veh lab and setting it to 1 wasp 1 support ht /repeat, as I really dont mind suiciding a few wasps in the hope that one will get to unload into a block of inf, thereby making cost for itself, and all of the others that failed.

Enough rambling :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much can be done about this; bear in mind that the target point is the point of impact, not the final resting place.

+1 to this, especially for the stukas.

All mobile AA drive up to infantry foolishly.
Mines detonate if they are placed right under the APsign or the ATsign from which they were spawned. This can reveal to your opponent where you are building the mines and sometimes the engineer dies aswell.

Why isn’t rafts included in engineers buildlist?

Some strange ammo bug with rockets (hopefully only rockets as they are something of a special case)

German boat gets plane propeller FX

Fixed in svn

Soviet inf boat gets that, too.

We need more players trying GBR before we do anything with them. I may be back to play tomorrow; I just replaced my motherboard and am running on two verified sticks of RAM… I won’t be making any maps anytime soon but I can play, if I get back in a reasonable time frame. 3 PM PST or so?

I added 2 rounds back to the Bren burst now that they aren’t the difference between pinned/not pinned on first burst. I think this will leave brits in a pretty good place. I also feel like soviets are probably pretty good now, although partisans might be a bit on the cheap side.

I have a bit of a question mark about US flamers right now - I suspect they’re a little too powerful for cost, but its hard to say, since I’ve mostly been watching Godde use them. Still, they can REALLY punish infantry grouping, in a way that very few other units can; 3 flamers: 1 squirts out a bit and is killed, but pins a lot of the group, 2 fires until they all burn, 3rd starts the process for the next bunch.

Generally I’m pretty happy with this build. I think that we could be release-ready in a month or less, barring any major catastrophes.

Re “digging in” for infantry so they can’t be so easily bombed into nothing by arty.

This is a tricky thing, since it would be really easy for this to make the game super defensive. How would we feel about doing it a Lua button (not automatic) and have it be a semi-lengthy process. While dug in, they’ll have a LoS penalty, maybe limited firearc? and vulnerable to suppression (maybe losing even more LoS while suppressed), but much ‘tougher’ in terms of HP.

I’m really not super decisive on this one, since I think the game is in a pretty good place at the moment, and this is a pretty fundamental change.

[s]Some issues with having no logistics storage:
Nothing will fire
You will only make +20 command no matter how many flags you got
Your engineers don’t build
Units cannot deploy

HQ, 1 barracks, 4 engineers or 4 commissars is enough to prevent this from happing.
Altough changing default to about 1 logististic would be nice when for example someone is trying to make a mission and is annoyed by the fact that the units are not firing.

Everyone except russia seems to have no logistics if you choose random side. AA guns will load anyway.[/s]

All fixed in svn.

Sdkfz10 has a cob error with its exhaust piece.

Fixed in svn

Re 0 logistics storage: need to just tweak the gadget that sets command/log storage to be the amount of storage in a storage building +1 (like it used to be, I’m fairly sure).

17pdr truck texture is flipped

Fixed in svn

V1 produces “missing sound” errors.
When zooming out, there is some distance range at which inf models aren’t drawn anymore, but icons aren’t drawn yet as well (need to zoom out more to see icons).

The icon thing is probably because spiked changed the setting of the widget, should probably be reverted.

Also it may be becaus eof that dumb change to icon rendering. try /set UseDistToGroundForIcons 1.0

Or ‘just’ because of the UnitLodDist setting, that determines when Spring will render just a quad with image of model on it. (Which is broken atm, or so I’ve heard.)

Personally I notice I’m setting back icon distance to 300 every game, because real dudes isn’t really playable until I got used to very quickly selecting a subgroup using the selection menu widget or giving them numbers…

Yeah, i don’t think the imposter code ever worked for s3o, it probably is the lod settings.

seen another bug with the ammo gadget, lefh18 got stuck on 1 ammo icon and was rapid firing, like 1 shot every 1 or 2 seconds. Confirmed in svn, to reproduce make a lefh18 (or probably any other gun) and move a halftrack in and out of supply range. Gun ends up firing so fast it can’t replenish more than 1 ammo.

This should now be fixed in svn

Also, spiked borked the staghound s3o; the ‘floor’ of the turret is part of the base object, its not easy to notice but is very ugly when you do (turret rotates and leaves the bottom of it jutting out). I tried messing around in upspring and after nearly having an aneurysm decided i am not capable of easily fixing it.

i’ve also seen a crash in inf supply gadget somewhere a couple of times.

This is possibly fixed, it’s a hard bug to reproduce in SP, or even MP.