Pre-M v110 feedback & bugs

Making new topic myself as there isn’t one yet for this build :slight_smile:

  • [color=green]FIXED Infantry inside transports use logistics at a rapid rate → transports are near unusable (rubberdingie and geropelblitz at least, halftracks give supply so for these it isn’t noticable.)
  • GBR Glider doesn’t have buildpic.
  • Engineers can’t build pontoon rafts anymore.

First problem: that’s an old bug resurfacing again. Don’t rememeber what caused that one before.
Second problem: the BP is in svn, but it’s not included in v110 (I told we need a solid build! New Po-2 sounds aren’t included as well, causing error spam when Po-2 appears).
Third: engis have rafts in svn. Probably builddefs from v08 are not overridden properly (fixable by solid build again?)

Yuri, I primarily avoided a new self-supporting build to keep you from having to download it :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I agree, the amount of new stuff probably merits a new full build - or better yet, a release candidate (once I do the ship stats).

IS the sound problem caused by the sound not being present in the build or dependency problems?

I’m starting to think Springs dependency system leaves a little to be desired if it is the latter.

I uploaded a new Po-2 sound set after Pre-M v08 was up, that means it’s not there. And it’s not in v110 as well. Voila, sound errors.

Fixed the infantry thing; after testing it appeared it happened at least since Lyuban 1.07.
Issue was same as what I fixed earlier in game_ammo.lua, so it was easy once I realized that.

So it is caused by the patch build not including changes that it should, rather than a flaw with dependency itself

One more missing thing that is present in svn: C-47 icon. It has a default blob icon in v110.

Russias’ command bar is empty when the game starts.

gliders set off the ‘enemy aircraft incoming’ warning

[05:00:49] <Gawash> i found a little bug with the stuart [05:01:05] <[S44]Neddie> Oh? [05:01:56] <Gawash> when it is attacking tanks [05:02:04] <Gawash> it will drive towards them [05:02:16] <Gawash> instead of staying stationary [05:02:46] <wiremgon> blame spring! [05:02:48] <[S44]FLOZi> it's possible it's short-ranged canister round is its primary weapon, as HE rounds are on other tanks [05:02:54] <[S44]FLOZi> would probably explain it [05:09:38] <[S44]FLOZi> , it's when an attack order is given [05:09:54] <[S44]FLOZi> if it just comes into range the tank will shoot at it at its full range (ON HOLD POSITION) [05:10:08] <[S44]FLOZi> but when ordered to attack it drives right up
When on maneuever it’ll drive right up to it too, even without attack order.

swapping the weapons fixes it for tanks, but fudges it for other targets - will drive right into infantry and get naded.

Giving the stuart all three 37mm ammo types might work…

All transport halftracks drive at enemy tanks if they are set on maneouver. Russias BA-64 Light scout car fires its’ machine gun at tanks.

Commandos tries to attack buildings and vehicles if set on maneouver even though they cant.

Fixed halftracks noChaseCategory.
Fixed BA-64 noChaseCategory and onlyTargetCategory. It had the latter set quite strangely, able to shoot at almost anything…

Fixed the stuart by giving it all 3 ammo types. Priority is cannister->AP->HE.

Script is missing its MG tracers though.

Fixed. Sortie defs can now have ‘silent = 1,’ to turn off enemy warnings.

Fixed. Now all teams start with 1k command, 1.25k e (not quite sure why 1.25k e?)

Should be just enough logistics to fill 2 storages. That’s like 625*2=1250.

Russian howitzers can only attack ground. They won’t shoot at units or buildings.

Fixed M30 howitzers. Weapon2 had onlytargetcategory1, so it affected weapon1 instead.

US Pack howitzer (and probably German LeIG) have too slow projectiles and fire them in too high an arc. They should be more direct fire support weapons than bombardment weapons; they act more like mortars now able to fire over mountains practically.