Pre-M v101 feedback

Soviet starting comissar lacks a buildpic (already fixed).

Vehicles and tanks now have reverse. Is this because of some gadget/widget or because of the recent spring engine update? Regardless, tank/vehicle combat just became a whole lot more interesting.

May I request that reverse movement be considered for the packs/leigs?

Engine update.


It takes soldiers quite a while to turn those around and I was just thinking that if I were one of those soldiers and I had to move the gun to the rear I’d just move it in reverse rather than turning it around 180 degrees first.

On second thought, this would require a new animation/script for the soldiers and a way to detect if the gun was being moved in reverse to trigger said animation/script which seems like a lot of work. Maybe this could be implemented after more pressing issues have been resolved. In the meantime, trucks could always be used to achieve a similar effect.

sometimes C R A I G is sending the vehicles completly driving reverse to their destination. lol mostly tanks and halftracks…

Heh, side effect of it sending them in at lower then maximum speed usually, I suppose :slight_smile:

(It makes them drive equally fast as infantry walks, same thing you can do using ctrl+move/fight formation move/fight.)

All transport trucks still wobble with the infantry on non-flat terrain. Halftracks don’t seem to do this. Is it because of script possibly?

Also, in SVN I made an experimental change to transports, this makes the guys inside seem to come straight out of the transport when it’s unloading (instead of teleporting them onto their unload position.)

Besides being more realistic, it may also solve ‘truck killing by rapid unload/load’.

The Sdkfz 251 transport halftrack (gersdkfz251) is broken, it doesn’t fire at all, ever, as far as I have seen.

EDIT: …and fixed (MG34 had way too low tolerance (6), see r2019)

I’ve had some of those messages in a 2v2 game:

[  15081] Invalid order from player 4 for (unit 210 gbrrifle, team 4)

They appeared 3 times, 1 message and then after some minutes 2 more.

I think it’s fundamental problem that doesn’t cause any harm but can not be solved easily either.

Issue is that player is giving orders to his units. These orders are valid in the simulation frame the player gives the orders. Before the packets containing these orders have been to the game server and back to the players however, the surrender gadget may have changed the unit’s team (since it runs synced it does not have the delay that is imposed upon player’s orders). Spring then blocks the orders from being executed when they arrive because the unit isn’t for a team which can be controlled by the player.

It looks to me that when team A suppresses a few soldiers of team B that much that they become prisoner, then team B will open fire at the prisoned team B soldiers. Also, it seems that if you ordered team A soldiers to fire at specific targets, they will keep shooting at them, even if they became neutral prisoners.

Bug: surrendered inf keeps firing at units. Not sure how that happened, maybe the inf had an area attack order before surrender (and so had the enemy units qued for attack).

Another one: infantry get attack orders to mines (your own mines at least, although I think they are gaia?) if you draw an attack circle.

Not to mention attack circles also produce attack orders on flags (which aren’t in onlytargetcategory even, so that sounds like a bug in area attack code).

Area attack commands produce attack orders on mines too.

Some comments after 2v2 BasiC and me vs luckywaldo and Licho (from BasiC mostly)

  • doubleclick (to select all of same type) -> select only units with ammo, not ones of same type which don’t have any ammo anymore.
  • [color=green]FIXED (in engine): similarly, ammo / no ammo should be available when making selection key shortcuts (probably needs engine change)
  • more maps in installer?
  • buildpics for factories are hard to distinguish, maybe an idea would be to put a tank in the tank yard on the buildpic, halftrack in the veh yard, etc.
  • when drawing a selection, ideally engineers, construction vehicles and buildings aren’t included if there are some attack units in the selection already.
  • fight command by default (didn’t we have this already sometime?)