Pre-M v095 feedback and bugs

Changelog v08 (rev 1929)–>v095 (rev 1964)


  • Surrender gadget improved, so now guys can be switched back to your team. Also, prisoners will now walk to 1 of 4 areas around your base, rather than clustering at HQ or spreading randomly around.
  • Flanking damage for infantry implemented; this is not tuned to unit heading, but rather a generalized “if they’re getting shot at from multiple directions”. Current values give a 50% damage bonus for a 180 degree flank, which slowly decreases the longer the infantry are under fire (but they take more damage from the original heading as they equalize their protection between the two attackers).


  • Mortar logistics cost per shot raised to 15 (from 10)
  • AEC MkII cost dropped 10%
  • M8 Scott cost increased 20%
  • Added ammo to flamer units. Cost is 5 per ‘unit’, maxammo gives them enough for probably 2-3 engagements. (of course, they need to survive the first…)
  • Brought SU-85 and SU-100 weapon accuracies into line with the other Soviet tank weapons (they were highly inaccurate).
  • Soviet Commissars removed from squads, instead they’re a separate buildable squad (in a batch of 3).
  • Massive increase to torpedo damage (900%). Big ships will go down pretty fast to these now…


  • Mines now have 10hp, so AP minefields don’t last forever despite guys walking through them.
  • Mines will no longer collide with weapons.
  • Halftrack and Kangaroo kidnapping removed.
  • Base spawns spread out slightly, so storage buildings blocking stuff shouldn’t happen so often.
  • Grouped modOptions into clusters to make them more readable.
  • Added weapons modOption to allow for range scaling (affects accuracy, velocity, wobble, and more - go zerg!).
  • Radars now work after being transferred to a different team.
  • Various typo-level fixes.

Car’s GUI stuff

  • All of it, as well as some helptexts.
  • Russian commanders are very very hard to stop when raiding flags
  • Microing a truck with one guy inside it can kill vehicles?
  • Rushing interceptors is probably still too nasty (add AA vehs, perhaps nerf interceptors vs ground)

Yuri and I handled Godde’s interceptors pretty well with just stationary AA.

Is there any unit that can load enemy units?
If there is, why should it do that?

I wonder what you want air to be. In its’ current state air is a must on big maps. Because interceptors counters vehicles and suppresses infantry badly and then you need to have own air or flak all around the map in order to save your infantry and your vehicles. If you only have 1 flak in your base it will be easily killed by a wing of 4 interceptors.
Some interceptors can even kill barracks and factories quiet easily too. Not russian though it seems.
Ground attack planes do okey against tanks and fighter bombers can destroy factories unless they drop their bombs on some lone infantry before you select them.
Releasing 5 wings of interceptors against can propably kill up to 10 flak or more. I havent tested but if you pause and send 2 at each you will propably own them. Especially if the flak don’t have line of sight on the enemy planes.
Are planes visible on radar?

The answer is 100, which is probably the problem. Unless this behaviour is intended.

Feedback from a recent 095 game (not sure how much of those are already fixed):

Interceptors cause inf to surrender VERY fast. As in really fast, entire squads surrender.
Soviet commander can steal flags right from the middle of my base unnoticed, and regular inf cannot catch him (he’s faster).
When interceptors are in the air and if you don’t have at least 5 AA guns by then, you’re screwed. If you do have 5 AA guns, you can be screwed as well, depends on luck. Only 10+ guns give a measure pf protection.
Surrendered inf still does not return to its owner if freed or unguarded.

Stuff that I think happened, but not 100% sure:

Some of my inf squads went to the rally points set by my ally’s rax, not mine (like 2-3 squads per game).
Some time after the partisan shack was killed, a partisan squad appeared on its place, right when the enemy units who killed the shack left. That was probably the squad which was under construction.

This should be solved by:

Yuri: I’ve applied a large set of air nerfs for next version. It remains to be seen if it’ll really change things up, but I think it’ll help a lot.

I’ll check out surrendered infantry stuff.

No units can load enemy units at this time. I have fixed all transport units (I think).

Yuri - I do need to add an a bit concerning what the surrender code views as a ‘guard’, but I just tested and units are certainly being ‘rescued’ if someone from their old team approaches closely enough. Or do you mean the timer that controls when they switch back if they’re left alone?

I meant the left alone part, yes.
What about interceptors causing huge amounts of fear leading to surrender? Did you nerf that as part of air changes as well?

The internet is out at my apartment atm D:

I think the “flag captured” sound is a bit odd.

Regarding armor: I think it is indeed “harder” than the old formula overall; do people think it is too much so? If so we might try lowering ARMOR_POWER to 5.

As for AP damage, I think a lowering might be nice–to compare with another unit type, infantry seem to be quite a bit more durable than they were IRL, considering it takes 2-3 .50 cal rounds to kill an standing infantryman (more with XP or if prone). I’m not a big fan of one-hit-kills gameplay-wise (although it certainly looks cool, and puts fear into the hearts of tank commanders).

It’s not really intended. How do other factories avoid this?

Also, if large-caliber HE rounds were historically capable of destroying tanks, what was the point of AP rounds for the same guns?

Now US has paratroopers and GER has the V1. GBR is getting gliders? What should USSR get?

I just cranked up the HP of sortie units, that shouldn’t be an issue so much anymore.

As for AP/HE - I think it was mostly that AP rounds were generally way way more accurate, because their velocity was substantially larger. They may have also been more reliable in actually disabling the tank, but I’m not really sure.

Well, let’s see. Large-caliber in this case refers to 105+ mm (HE smaller than that isn’t really good vs armor). Not all of those guns had AP (122mm M30 for ex. had only HE and HEAT, being a howitzer, and HEAT was mainly issued to SU-122 units, don’t confuse with ISU-122 which has a completely different gun). Some of the guns had anti-concrete rounds instead of AP, which are for use against bunkers. Some of the guns, like Soviet A-19 (versions of which are found in ISU-122 and IS-2), initially had AP mainly for the same purpose (defeating fortifications), when heavy armor started to appear on the field, rounds were already there.

Generally AP rounds are:

  • more accurate;
  • cheaper.

Russian Bomb Dogs?

I’m honestly stumped as to what they should get. They already have Partisans and Moltovs.