Pre-M v08 feedback & bugs


Changelog from v07

  • Infantry have flanking damage, max of 35% more damage when shot from behind
  • Paratroopers way more vulnerable to being shot while in the air, and absolutely can not be dropped on hot zones anymore.
  • Removed bazooka from US rifle squad, chopped two STENners out of british SMG squad.

Does that mean i do not get a tinitus with headphones anymore?

Re: HE penetration: I would prefer to be close to IRL on this point (or proportionately effective as other weapons, anyway), but I’m not getting clear opinions on the effectiveness of HE against armor. If 105mm HE is effective against 105 mm armor, but 75mm HE is not particularly effective against 50mm, then perhaps I should make penetration proportional to the damage? This would pretty much mean that any HE above 105 mm would be essentially unaffected by armor.

Also, normalized sound volumes is great! Tanks and artillery really sound impressively loud now compared to small arms, as they should.

Deployment mode doesn’t remove HQs, breaks armor system.