Pre-M v0.041-0.05 feedback & bugs

Changes from v0.03:

  • changed the units you spawn with at start (two HQ squads for US and GBR, 1 rifle squad for germany, rifle squad + partisan squad for rus, but removed a commissar from them, removed 2 AA guns from each, removed MGs from each (germany still gets one as part of rifle squad)) (Nemo)
  • infantry are way stronger while prone now (Nemo via Zerg)
  • infantry don’t slow down on the attack (Nemo)
  • infantry don’t get pinned as easily (Nemo)
  • raised smallarms damage vs vehs (Nemo, using Zerg’s damagedefs!)
  • added surrender stuff, engage by setting the prisoner income modoption to >0 (Nemo)
  • Increased explosive damage against bunkers. (Zerg)
  • Added MINE to all noChaseCategories. (Zerg)
  • Decreased Wasp cost. (Neddie)
  • More aggressive factory unsticker. (Zerg)
  • Stuka now only shoots at armor (Zerg).
  • Some initial ship stats (Neddie)
  • Fixing GA aircraft to attack ships (Zerg)
  • Lots of other stuff by Zerg/Neddie I’m probably forgetting

From 0.041:

  • Hopefully fixed surrender gadget disabling.
  • Even cheaper Wasp.
  • Engineers drain as much as anything else at rax.
  • Reduced shapedcharge damage against buildings.

Edit: thanks to whoever filled out the list

HQ squad and engineer buildtimes were double what they should be.

Fixed in SVN and v041, but may be indicative of other buildtime normalization issues.

I got fooled by the 'hq_platoon_rifle’s, which had different metal/time ratios before the change than the 'hq_platoon’s, so I thought the HQ drain was lower than it was. In any case I’ve doubled the HQ workerTime instead of halving the unit’s buildTimes; now barracks won’t drain and build twice as fast when building engineers.

Anyway, with normalization, drain is always equal to workerTime (except for commandos setting satchel charges).

Ah, sorry about that. Thanks for the fix!

Cool; sorry for not checking more carefully to begin with.

Lobotomized 0.041 to make 0.042 due to surrender wierdness (modoption doesn’t actually disable).

Had a 1v1 vs Godde on Nuclear Winter (me as USSR, him as random -> Germany).
Lua errors:

[ 4050] LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, GameFrame, [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/gui_suppressionindicators...."]:66: attempt to call field 'surrender' (a nil value) stack traceback: [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/gui_suppressionindicators...."]:66: in function 'GameFrame' [string "LuaRules/gadgets.lua"]:928: in function <[string "LuaRules/gadgets.lua"]:926> (tail call): ?
Logistics wasn’t given after refill intervals as well (though nothing mentions ammo gadget in the infolog), so the game turned into epic inf + halftrack spam (and some fighters). My Katyusha was only able to fire 2-3 salvos before being denied reloads because of borked logistics.

Rockets are WAY OP vs buildings, I’m guessing the new damage stuff borked them because before they were only really any good against armour.

Yeah; in 05 I’ve decreased shapedcharge damage versus buildings.

Pre-M v0.05, deployment mode: ‘random’ team does not work. It has no unit selection menu. I think that’s because the team is determined at game start, and deployment happens before that?

Tanks (atleast pzriii) appear to be double firing AP and HE at targets out of LOS. I thought I had cured that behaviour, so either it’s the occasional slipup, or category changes have altered the behaviour.

Oh, btw, 25pdr truck and LeFH18 truck cost the same, but 25pdr truck has more HP. Didn;'t check the other equivalents.

Before category changes, HE had onlyTargetCategory1=NFLAGNAIR; and AP had onlyTargetCategory2=TANK;. Now


  onlyTargetCategory2=OPENVEH HARDVEH;

I don’t think this should be any different from before. I could try removing OPENVEH and HARDVEH from the HE of all units that are armed with both AP and HE.

No, the HE weapon needs to be able to target the units (but not fire at them) as the AP weapon is slaved to it. Probably just my cob being less than bullet proof. :unamused:

I don’t see any weapon slaving, even before the category change?

The source’s re-aim condition is < maxAngleDif || lastRequest + 15 < gs->frameNum

Therefore it is not guaranteed that each AimWeaponX will not be called more often than every 16 frames, nor that calls to AimWeaponX will be aligned for a particular unit. To guarantee no double loading, you would have to use a function such as

RestoreHE () {
  sleep 500; //maybe a bit more than this, 534?
  aim2 = 0;

and call it at the beginning of AimWeapon2. It is possible that tweaking categories can reduce the incidence of double firing without changing the scripts, though.

I could have sworn I slaved them. O_o