Pre-M v0.03 feedback & bugs

Continuing the series of threads.

Should I make Ju-87 only shoot at vehicles? It’s not very useful against anything else.

It should already be set to do so.

Some changes:

  • Increased explosive damage against bunkers.
  • Added MINE to all noChaseCategories.
  • Decreased Wasp cost.

factory unsticker is not effective enough.
would be nice for troops to nade when surpressed but i guess that would mean more work on the inf scripts.

I’ve made it more aggressive, hopefully it helps.

Mortars seem a bit weak, mostly because they can’t hit shit.

Ger HQ’s MG tracer and FX are still missing.

Pintle-mounted MGs rotate too far; they get their rotation on top of the turret’s rotation. To fix, add an empty piece between the turret and the MG, and in the turret aiming function(s), counter-rotate the empty piece so that the MG’s base is still pointed toward the front.