Pre-M v0.02 feedback & bugs

Changelog from v0.01

  • Damagetypes implemented by Zerg
  • Some armor touchups by Zerg
  • MG42 and .30cal firearc reduction by 20%
  • All deploy times for things with weapons that aren’t howitzers raised substantially.
  • Footprints on corpse features shrunk and made square.
  • Upgrade times on factories reduced so that the upgrade drain is the same as building a unit there.
  • Substantial accuracy reduction for howitzers (they’re still quite accurate, I think)
  • Category fixes by zerg.
  • Zero logistics–>infinite ammo bug fixed by Tobi

Zerg…keep it up and you should take my job :stuck_out_tongue: awesome stuff.

So, play it!

yuritchbot updated to the new build.

Any feedback on this build yet?

Well, besides the halftracks being super-powerful AA units (already fixed in svn), I don’t have much remarks yet.
And maybe 1 more. Tobi’s AA guns were not firing at my scout plane, and that was the first enemy unit that came in contact with them that game. As I understand it, this should not have happened even if he was low on ammo as the guns should have held at least their 4 rounds of ammo right from the start (with Britain having a supply radius from their HQ).

[s]Confirmed the AA thing again, they are not firing for some reason.

Also flags are broken for random side (empty flagpole), will look into this now. (I bet I can re-use same fix I did for C.R.A.I.G. to support random side.)[/s]

EDIT: both fixed

A /give test with AA showed them firing, and I can’t find anything odd with categories. Very strange.

I can provide a replay which shows the problem (the game I mentioned where Tobi’s guns were ignoring my scout plane). At least I hope that’s the right one.
Look for when my scout plane first goes over Tobi’s AA guns. They are not firing (at least I haven’t noticed them firing).
Later in the game, Tobi’s planes got near my AA and were fired at normally.

I’ve fixed it, was my bad, some interaction on initialization between base spawn gadget and ammo gadget caused them to have ammo, but also have infinite reload time (as happens usually when it’s out of ammo).

Also fixed flags for random faction.

I almost want to move ammo to using COB unit variables, or perhaps the new Lua system when it comes online. Unfortunately recompiling COB for so many units is a bitch. Plus there are more critical projects for me.

Note: COB GET/SET constants 1024 + [0-7] are per-unit variables which are accessible through Lua (much more quickly than function calls I should add). It would be possible to store the remaining ammo in one of those and just use normal AimWeapon blocking. However this would require changing the scripts of a large number of units.

I would wait with that until there’s another reason to rework the scripts anyway; for example conversion to Lua. Then probably the entire gadget wouldn’t be needed; supply units could just register themselves in some global list of suppliers, and units with ammo could, directly in the unit script, manage blocking weapons, resupplying, etc.

Remembers me I should poke lurker again or just write the framework code myself :slight_smile:

Pre-M 02 game, replay provided. Problems:
0. AA guns not firing (known, fixed in svn).

  1. Ammo gadget crashed (quite early, somewhere after the first resupply). No ammo was given after that, so storages stayed empty.
  2. Soviet SMG and rifle troops were firing their guns at buildings. Not grenades, but the guns. This can first be seen when my (red USSR) force reaches Journ’s base in the bottom left corner - the gun yard is SMG’d, and then all the rest of structures.

I’ll watch this tonight and see about fixing stuff. Campaign work can wait if there are huge issues.

Lots of complaints about commissar flag ninjaing. I think the fundamental problem is that commissars are engineers + scouts + flag cappers. We are bound by cost because if we make them too expensive then we run into buildpower problems, which is not so great either. Perhaps increase the decloak radius or make them decloak when capturing, or even remove cloaking entirely?

Also I made a gadget to prevent units from damaging themselves. Apparently units kill themselves on occasion; while self-damage is reasonable in a FPS, I think it’s too frustrating to be worth it here. (They still damage friendlies though.)

Arty may have been somewhat overnerfed. Despite IIRC increasing the cost of SP artillery, currently we’re looking at paying only 20% more for SP than the fixed version for conventional artillery. Katyusha is actually cheaper than Nebelwerfer O.o Perhaps nudge the firearcs back somewhat? The other option would be to decrease cost, but TBH I find mass deploying somewhat annoying. Or perhaps some combination of both.

Added factory unstuxx0ring gadget.

There’s engine support for this.

I seem to remember one more problem. Build a partisan shack facing north, order some partisans from there. When they are built, take note they still come out to the south. In my experience that isn’t happening with east/west facing shacks.

I noticed earlier (on German team) that the older sound files are much louder then the newer ones made by Kartoffel.
Maybe someone can check it? It evertime hurt my ear when i pick a unit and a really load vehicle sound and speech comes. And its very quite when i pick a soldier which use the new files. There is a volumen difference between it.

I know there is a noSelfDamage tag, but it didn’t work properly in the past. Did they fix it?

Oh. In the distant past it did work properly.