Pre-M V0.01 feedback & bugs

Requires Lyuban: … -M_v01.sdz


Major changes:
*Vehicle and tank HP is now their weight in Kg/10
*Zerg’s new armor system is implemented.
*All vehicle and tank corpses now provide cover for infantry (currently just anti-damage, does not reduce fear).
*All vehicle and tank corpses now have more fitting hit shapes (which I will apply to the units themselves fairly soon).

Yuri, would you mind sticking this on your autohost? Spasibo bol’shoe!


SVN log since 1385? >_>

Maybe later when I’m waiting for my map to compute. FLoz, you should seriously check it out though, at least the armor (turn on the armor widget and go to town).

Play FLOZi, Play!

Cover doesn’t do much as currently implemented. Should probably write a widget that lets you tell selected infantry to stay near a source of cover. Also need to shrink corpse footprints.

First round of AP stuff seems okay, but the two games I had stayed at light veh. I was a little underwhelmed at times with the damage that the greyhound’s 37mm (an early war tank killing weapon) was doing to halftracks at times, but I guess the damage value was fairly low relative to penetration.

inf mechanics seemed pretty good, although I focused pretty heavily on snipers and reg inf. those first two MGs are really very critical; maybe more so than they should be.

MGs can fire while deploying, which is no good.

Play more games!

Upgrade costs seem a bit high considering you only get 1-2 more buildoptions.

PTRD is rather weak now due to the convention I used for AP weapon damage. At the same time I kept the one-hit kill behavior of infantry shaped-charge weapons since that’s roughly how it was before. Should I make infantry AP weapons deal more damage than their vehicle-mounted counterparts (we could explain it by saying infantry are better at targeting weak spots on tanks)?

I improved PTRD damage (still rather weak, but less so).

IMO yard upgrades should be timed so that they drain as much as having the factory build units.

I plan to work on rax stuxx0ring sometime, but it may take a while to figure out a good solution.

Regarding HE damage versus tanks: Does thicker armor provide better protection against HE? Is there a “critical” amount of armor that will block most of the damage from a given HE shell hitting?

Possible options:
HE does flat damage to tanks.
HE damage drops off exponentially with armor, but at a lower rate than AP weapons do.
HE uses the AP system.
HE causes primarily non-raw damage (e.g. stunning, disabling tank systems, etc.)

I reorganized targeting categories. Unfortunately it seems there are some problems with tank targeting. Revert if you want to make a build.

Also, we are now using damagetypes. Coefficients are gamedata/damagedefs.lua. “default” damage is based on that to armouredvehicles (I might have made smallarms do too little to armouredvehicles compared to infantry though).

When using stunning for anything else then units being transported we might need a fix in game_ammo.lua, to prevent free shot if unit is stunned within 3 sec of firing, and to prevent 1 ammo being used when the unit becomes active again.

Oi. Maybe with Lua scripts we can implement a more direct shot-blocking mechanism.

In the meantime, I’m working on the category issue I’ve fixed the category issue for real (looks like any category even containing “ARM” is silently removed). You’ll probably still want to test it before building, or use an older revision.

I might have reduced smallarm damage versus open-topped vehicles too much (I needed to compensate for the reduction of vehicle hp, but I might have done it twice), I’ll recheck that tomorrow.

Also, Journier was complaining about machine guns. My impression is that much of problem is with the MG42 in German rifle squads.

Journier doesn’t build other squads. He doesn’t, thus, counter effectively. I do think that the deployed MGs need to be a little more susceptible to either snipers or mortars, but beyond that they play well enough.

That said, I believe Nemo chose to reduce their arcs further.

I’ve already raised their deploy/undeploy time substantially, and reduced their coverage. Shouldn’t be as much of a problem now.

Dropped upgrade times so that their upgrade drain matches their running cost. A substantial upgrade time reduction across the board.

I was trying to hint that they weren’t that much of a problem to begin with.

Eh, from the games I watched/played, MGs are a little too nasty at the moment; they make the game very, very difficult to do well in with just inf, and really ruins any ability to be aggressive before you have vehs. I’ll probably hand out a few more nerfs to MGs on the suppression side before I’m done.