Pre-M Release Candidate 1 Feedback & Bugs


Changes from v250:

  • Boatyards build twice as quickly, the trucks that deploy into them cost half as much and build twice as fast.
  • Ship buildtrees slimmed down to light patrol craft and all transports.
  • Sniper cost bumped up about 20%, damage vs MG nests reduced.
  • Spitfire has the larger bomb


  • Potential fix for transport crash bug
  • Artillery accuracy bug fixed
  • Killing unfinished storage bug fixed
  • fixed indirectFire gadget crash
  • fixed fearhandler crash
  • fixed multiple sortie orders from group select + radar commands
  • fixed force-fired smallarms damaging armor


  • A TON of revamped/improved textures. Tiger, StuG, Tiger II, Staghound, Stuart, Cromwell, Cromwell CS, Daimler, Sexton, Panther, BA64, IS-2,


Some screens of how unloading with poontoon rafts can be buggy.[attachment=2]screen00223.png[/attachment][attachment=1]screen00224.png[/attachment]
[attachment=0]screen00226.png[/attachment]It would be nice if transport boats were unable to unload high up on cliffs.

This might need some work. In theory it’s easy to chech if height difference between transport and unload point is too great and prevent unloading if so, but checking if the place is free of other units would be harder.

I tested poontoon rafts in RC 105. I could not unload onto high cliffs. :slight_smile:

Does it need a fix?

Heavy tanks are supposed to be able to go through deeper water.

True, fording kits could be fitted to tanks. The first few hundred Tiger Is could be fitted in the field to ford up to four meters of water; after that the design was simplified and it could only ford two meters.

I’m not sure if we put much effort into fording depths.

German air superiority fighters first weapon, weapon1=mg15115mm, have
while the rest have 10.
This might be why they have such a hard time firing against ground targets compared to other fighters.

Russian cloaked AT-infantry have a sightdistance of 800 in SVN.
Even scouts have less.

Why does Spring even use/need a movedef/moveinfo file??? Footprint, maxslope, maxwaterdepth and crushstrength, these are ALL things that should be fucking read from unitdefs ffs.

Looks like it calculates paths for movetypes found in there, not for every unit type (which kind of makes loading faster).

I think we need easier ways to deal with partisans supply dumps if you have an idea where they are.


  1. Partisans stop spawning when there are enemy units nearby.
  2. Partisan supply dumps are removed by the command “Clear mines”.
  3. Partisan supply dumps are uncloaked by the command “Clear mines”.
  4. Partisan supply dumps have a small decloak radius.

My supply bar was always full. My allies supplies were full too.

Ships are very easy to kill by interceptors. Is that intentional?

I don’t think it is intentional. Strafing with an interceptor would lead you to riddling either the armoured deck or reinforced sides, on most vessels.

Decks are never really armored.

(note: wood)

Sorry, I was thinking of Aircraft Carriers. Essex, Yorktown, Illustrious and Implacable classes all had armoured decks.

Nonetheless, the point stands that a few hundred perforations in the deck or side of the ship above the water line will do fairly little to impede the performance of the vessel. A boat, however, could easily be sunk by a clean pass.

Ok, so it’s sort of by design. That would imply though that going ships on a water map is silly. (Unless you first establish air superiority, but then you have won anyway.)

Fixed major bug btw, Russia got +15 ammo/second from partisan drop :unamused: