Pre-M RC 105 Russian start too powerful?

First off, they have a 2x numerical advantage over any other faction - yes, half of them are partisans, but it tells. Second, they get a mortar. I’ve lost track of how many times where I’ve lost half my starting infantry to that thing because it’s well out of rifle/MG range and my troops are pinned under fire from double their number of infantry and partisans.

Yes, unlike any of the other factions the Russians need to build a barracks before they can call in reinforcements, but Russian barracks construction and infantry recruiting is the fastest of any faction. I have managed to stop them by raising small-arms damage to 5x (which gives the better accuracy, ROF, and range of other infantry a chance to thin the herd before they take fire), but even then it was a brutal early-game slugfest against even C.R.A.I.G. on a map (Road to Rome) that is in general very easy to defend on.

Many people, including myself, thinks that russia has the slowest start.
I agree that their starting units are the strongest but they won’t get reinforcements in the first few minutes. By the time the first soviet infantry platoon is done other factions will have had time to build several HQ squads and if there is alot of flags to capture russia needs additional commissars in order to keep up with the flag capturing.
Simply put russia will be behind in flag capping or infantry strength in the start.

And about mortars… you can always spread out your infantry more.

Hmm. Usually I’ve found the Russians have the best chances of holding territory because they can get barracks built faster and they have the ability to build a gun yard from the get-go. The three starting commissars can take a good bit of territory on their own (and amount to three engineers), which means that the Russian side starts having its combat units free for offensive action or establishing a defense line rather than running around capping flags.

The problem with dispersing infantry is that it does reduce vulnerability to mortar fire, but it also allows the Russian infantry and partisans to pick them off one by one. I’ve had some success with detaching my SMG troops and sending them around to flank and kill the mortar, which can also draw fire and leave Russian infantry exposed to my rifles and MGs. Either that or if the mortar is well away from its infantry and partisans I’ll use my starting scout to bust caps in him.

Unless you are putting healthy infantry infront of harmed infantry, distrobuting the damage equally on all infantry, it really shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

Flanking the mortar with SMGs seems to work well enough, although it’s still a fight.

Perhaps take the bullet damage or pinning ability of MGs up? 10-20 troops normally would not have a good day charging a dug-in MG over open ground. Allied troops would usually hit the deck if they even heard an MG42 open up; the US Army had to produce training films specifically to prepare American troops for hearing that sound on the battlefield.

I disagree. Playing russians now requires conciderably more skill than before. If the person who’s up against russians can’t stand the initial fight, he should start clicking faster!

Probably. I’m certainly not the sort of player who tries to win the whole thing and shoot up the enemy base in the first five minutes; otherwise what’s the point of all those pretty AFVs, arty pieces, and aircraft? :smiling_imp: