Pre L2 v05 Feedback (hopefully final test build)

Changelog fairly substantial, but basically - HQs are no longer the source of +20 income (gadget’d), a series of armor cost changes…and more which I’ll remember/check later.

Download link in #s44 topic

i think making the hq no longer the source is a bad idea

what was the reasoning behind it?

HQ sniping was way too effective IMO.

e.g. rush air, call in 1 group of interceptors and 1 of FB’s, snipe HQ, or rush a single howitzer (in particular with Russia cause they have gunyard at L1), scout HQ, snipe it.

Each time, you’d lose

  • Most cost effective source of infantry
  • Possibly the only building in which you can make transport trucks
  • The ability to use air scouts, unless you have air already yourself
  • +20 command income
  • For germany, a heavy MG base defense
  • For germany, a huge supply radius
  • The game

Besides that it’s impossible to easily snipe the Russian +20, giving Russia a big advantage wrt HQ sniping.

I think that was more because russia are broken than the the hq snoping mechanic bust. I liked that there was a structure you could target that destroyed that players resistance, it stopped games lasting forever. you could easily counter the howitzer snipe by locating the howitzer and taking it out. air snipe isnt so easy to counter because air is pretty unpredictable, but I thought 3 AA guns would deflect fighterbomber?
this is going to lead to longer, more drawn out games and alot more douchebaggery with hiding engineers in enemy bases and completely rebuilding off the +20 (or just giving it to your team)

descriptions for inf platoons are inncorrect

also, chatlog: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=335

I always prefer the model which allows reconstruction. I didn’t particularly mind the previous conditions, but these are also decent.

You can break a player by tossing two or three factories, and you know it.

Yes, we will look at the descriptions.

Once an howitzer starts firing you’re dead. There just isn’t enough time to take it out if the howitzer player plays a bit smart and put his entire army around it.

3 AA guns do deflect FB yeah, but 4 interceptors can take out at least 2 of the AA guns.

TBH then you aren’t watching, if enemy engineers can safely hide in your base :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, I suppose we have an issue here, if the +20 is removed if a player leaves / ragequits, as opposed to staying around with a single dude.


Issues I’ve found so far:

  • Reclaim of units doesn’t work (I’ll look at this)
  • US trucks get built inside HQ and then get stuck (should be built next to it right?)