Pre L2 v04 feedback


  • Slowing exp gain rate slightly for GBR rifle/smg.

  • Shrinking max rank sizes a bit.

  • Removing a rifle from soviet rifle squad.

  • Bumping up commando squad cost 15%

  • Bumping up firing arc on nebelwerfer and M30.

  • First draft plane fear. Currently a max of 10 second disabling is possible, planes will dash away from AA back towards base when they start coming under fire. It is still possible to overwhelm AA guns from the area, just not easy, and leaves you open to a counter-attack from enemy interceptors (as your craft will be unselectable and flying towards home).

  • Added/Modified Some Icons

  • Unused Fighter-Bomber Icon Added

  • Changed gui_suppressionIndicators to stop running every single frame - every 1.5 seconds instead (the widget that displays this info only checks every 3 seconds anyways, so there shouldn’t be much noticable difference).

  • Added AIR category to nochasecategory for all units that don’t have canfly in their FBI.

  • Included GAZ-AAA icon into icon list so it’s actually visible

I hope you’re not generally shrinking the rank icons. The German ones are problematic, but the U.S. and British ones are just about perfect right now.

No no, I just lowered the “maxScale” variable in the widget so they weren’t so large that they covered healthbars quite so often.

v045 now, dropped AA range way down, gave planes a bit more fear tolerance, nerfed commandos heavily.

nemo, i dont think nerfing the AA range is a good idea at all.

6 AAguns can barely shoot down 2 fighter-bombers, and nerfing the range will not help one bit. also, accuracy vs height? surely low flying fighter-bombers get hit 5X more then high flying bombers.

i’ll look more into the AA, but if anything i allmost find it inadequate. but please dont nerf the range!

The planes were made ‘cowardly’ so that they turn back if hit by AA fire. Therefore long range is no longer needed, else just a few AA guns can make most of the map a no-fly zone.

Is it really intentional that Russia has gun yard at ‘T1’ (commander and commissars can build it), while all other nations have it at ‘T2’ (advanced engineer can build it, HQ engineer can NOT build it)?

EDIT: Ok that was answered, it is because Russia used more arty in reality and because Russian vehicles are relatively expensive.

Two other notes from today, so they aren’t forgotten:

  • If HQ sniping is made less fatal (ie. doesn’t make you lose the +20 command income) then it would be perfect.
  • Make truck buildable by gun yard again.

EDIT 2: Made morph gadget copy control groups, as pintle suggested.

Actually, that reminds me–some sides’ advanced engineers cost more than their regular engineers, some less. Why is this? Would a more “traditional” prerequisite system work better instead of having different engineer types?

Just a result of different sides having different infantry pricing schemes, mostly. I’m going to restructure the build trees next version anyways.

Interesting, how so?

Mostly from the ‘gun/veh/air’ level and up.

The gist of it is:
HQ–>rax–>gun/veh/air/basic tank yard

gunyard upgrade–>include SP guns
veh upgrade -->include light tanks
air upgrade–>bigger, meaner air
basic tank yard upgrade 1–>include ‘optimized’ units (ie, advanced mediums/panther)
basic tank yard upgrade 2–>include heavy tanks

I’m not yet sure where I’m going to stick assault guns or TDs in the veh system, but there’s the basic sketch. This will likely be accompanied by some cost changes here and there.

The trick of course will be to ensure that the basic tank yard is priced such that you can’t rush into them and dominate everything else (that is, veh yard + upgrade to light tanks will cost less than a proper basic tank yard). But yeah. So somewhat incorporating more ‘flat balancing’ stuff, but more so trying to make a wider spread of units more viable. Light tanks, for example, will be way more useful under this system, because they won’t be competing for factory time with mediums. It also makes the choice between numbers and armor/gun weight more distinct.

Sounds good to me.

Try and make Panzer IV’s more available, theyshould be as common as cromwell/sherman 75/T-34-76

btw, you might consider making it as a modoption first. :wink:

So, you shrunk them generally. :laughing:

I think making tanks a teir after vehicles/guns as it is now might be a better idea, since armour tends to D D D DOMINATE
just give the gunyard the ability to make the t2 con too ?

I’m also pondering the re-addition of the Crusader AA tank for the brits. I know you wanted it originally, Nemo.

Plus, I have a hankering to model it :laughing: :blush:

Err, I modeled AA veh for the GB some time ago (the Staghound). Crusader AA might be cool though (AA veh with armor comparable to light tanks? Compare this with GAZ-AAA for ex.)

Yes, in the original unit lists all sides have 2 AA vehicles - staghound is the light AA comparable to GAZ-AAA, M16, SdKfz10/4 originally planned to be available from the vehicle yard. There are also heavier AA such as M15A1, Mobelwagon and british self propelled bofors truck (Morris C9/B) planned to be in the tank yard

Can you just tex the Jumbo first? I remodeled it, but it stopped there (with Spiked gone).
I can 3do-solid-color it and plug it in game like that, won’t be looking anything like good (but no worse then current oversized-turret monster looks).
Our AA weapons are currently all messed up, with German 20mm being forced to be on par with anyone other’s 37-40mm (which it shouldn’t). Crusader AA is supposed to carry 2x20mm Polsten, right?
Edit: my bad, twin Oerlikons (or a single Bofors in early versions).

New release v050?
Downloaded and tested with 4 CRAIG bots (Russian bot rocks, :wink:)

Second, third, etc bot buildings doesn’t show ETA

Springlobby 446

Yuri: the 20mm still does WAY less damage, it just induces fear (smaller radius as well). So the 20mm is effective while still lacking the massive gibbing power of 37mm-40mm