Pre L2 v03 feedback


Biggest changes: units now start with 0 ammo. however, ammo costs have been halved throughout. Resupply 7.5 minutes apart. Trucks may be built from HQs. Plane desync fixed! You spawn with 3 AA guns again, but they take 35 seconds to deploy. Other things I’m forgetting right this instant.

Quick 'n dirty changelog almost directly extracted from SVN log (r1242…r1276)

Played a few 1v1s, no issues so far.

Lol at my plane gadget bug. I didn’t implement it properly despite having a comment describing the correct behavior >_> Good catch, I’ll have to keep that sort of thing in mind next time I see a mystery desync.

Heh yeah, I couldn’t imagine to find it this way after having looked through the code like 10 times already without noticing anything wrong :slight_smile:

Basically I broke my spring install by upgrading Ubuntu, but because I was lazy I didn’t recompile my Spring manually as I usually do, but installed the Spring package, which apparently happens to have assertions enabled. So I crashed (core dump) at the time it happened in the game and from there could easily track it down (plane gadget is only gadget that gives patrol orders.)

I found the following issues:

  • deployed RUS61K has no buildpic (fbi seems to be right, and RUS61K.png is present. And it has buildpic in svn, some sort of conflict between v03 and Luettich?)
  • RUSPG117 lacks buildpic (it was added after Luettich and so is not in it, and L2 v03 has no unitpics included at all. All is right if using svn though, next full release should be ok)
  • GAZ-AAA lacks icon (my fault, I forgot to include its new icon to the icontypes.lua, already fixed)
  • GAZ-AAA cannot target ground units, but it can be force-fired at ground (and no unarmored thing can get through the resulting stream of bullets alive). I suggest adding canAttackGround=0; to it’s weapon file (unless we want to allow AA vehs to shoot at ground). Maybe the same change might be in order for other AA weapons as well.
  • Comissar can build trucks (not sure how, but they are in his build list. Looks like GEREngineer at least has them in the build list, too. In svn they cannot, must be something in Luettich that overrides v03 changes)
  • Ground units (inf and vehicles) chase enemy planes whom they cannot possibly attack. Need to have proper noChaseCategory set for all of them. Some mass-tagging script work might be in order. Currently a fighter sortie can completely distract an attack wave going to enemy base, they will start following fighters and will waste time doing that.