Pre L2 v02 feedback/ect

  • Russian transport halftrack lacking a voice.
  • Russian rifle squad potentially too weak (not enough rifles?)
  • Over-corrected on T-60 armor quality
  • truck needs to be available in veh yards slash more available somehow. yeah floz, HQ probably a fine place. just need to set it up so they don’t look silly building.

Units sometimes get stuck in flags (and not only on game start, they can get there while leaving factories, too). Maybe we should make flags ‘y’ yardmap?

We could try giving them 0x0 footprints.

Tried it, seems to work fine, committed.

Germany can only build trucks from the gunyard, which is T2 for them. Looks very wrong.

Only Russia has it at T1 currently.

+1 on making it T1 for all factions

Have HQ’s make trucks.

the commisar changes have nerfed russia, and the AT rifles in place of normal rifles has hurt the squad. how about giving the two AT rifles free (ie, original squad size plus 1-2 AT rifle)

also, AT rifle script is owned, it crawls forever once supressed

MG42 and other machineguns still spazz alot when firing undeployed

russian rpg troopers are still largely ineffective vs vehicles, and their smgs mean they fire at range and reveal themselves unless manually put on hold fire (and their nades dont fire unless on fire at will.)

I suggest commisar in rifle squad too :stuck_out_tongue:

need more test of germany vs each faction, MG42 change is pretty hefty

i think the game lost alot of flavour from the loss of flak rush, its gone back to spam rifles early instead of making specialists. how about keeping the flaks but just using the upped deploytime to stop rush? they were never that harsh except on hills.

russian lacks fighterbomber and in general, other than FB air seems pretty ineffective and random (often does nothing of note)

partisans are overpriced imo, atm the only valid use for them at their current cost is base rape- it’d be cool if they were cost effective enough to use to hold hills etc

Russia has IL-2, which has both rockets and bombs. Quit yer whinin’!

Yeah, PTRD same problem as the MG script. blahg blagh ect. I tried fixing it a while ago and only made it worse/more spastic.

RPGs don’t have a SMG, it just looks that way because the script uses ppsh animations. Any problems with decloaking are imaginary.

In terms of flavor - the two MGs at start aren’t providing a similar effect as the earlier flak stuff? MG nests aren’t quite the walls that flaks are, but still similar. Anyways. Yeah, I’ll think about putting another flak back in.

Partisans haven’t changed since koltso, when every was complaining they were wildly overpowered and underpriced.

I was thinking of swapping one PTRD for two rifles. Commissar there probably isn’t a bad idea either, although I suppose I should do something fancier for the assault squad in that case.