This is just a quick colour map of the various countries in Europe whose inclusion has been discussed and their relative states.

These are currently in the game, the European nations which were originally planned and built for 1944.
These are currently under development.
These are currently planned.
These are currently being discussed by Yuri and I, but are not, at present, planned.
These have been discussed at various times but at present have been discarded.

Coastal Asia

The Americas.

Two quick questions / thoughts:
First, why was Sweden discarded? I realize their military wasn’t particularly active during the war, but that applies to a number of nations under consideration.

Second, has any thought been given to developing any Soviet satellite powers or independent African nations?

That would be exactly 1 (one) country: Mongolia. And they used 100% Soviet equipment, up to infantry uniforms (though average Mongolian face is a little bit different than average Russian ofc…)

Also, in the interest of being realistic - I will be delighted and surprised if Finland comes to pass in full completion…and I think that 5 sides is already very much pushing the limit for the maximum possible number of factions without one constantly being better than others. We have these problems with 4 sides fairly frequently, and it has taken ages to narrow them down to within a small range of power imbalances at various points of the game on various maps.

What about Tannu Tuva? :laughing: Technically speaking, didn’t the Armenians commit several hundred thousand under the Soviets as well?

I agree that completing any new side is a daunting task, and that adding more sides does increase the balance difficulty quickly - I am more hopeful, however.

Well, technically speaking, the British side ingame is supposed to represent the major commonwealth nations too, so Canada is sort of in.

Armenian SSR was part of USSR, just as the rest of Republics. So those are just regular Soviet citizens. The only foreign Soviet ally was Mongolia…
That said, there were Polish and Czech units (formed from nationals of those countries who somehow ended up in USSR or even were taken as prisoners from German service) in Soviet service and using Soviet equipment, but not remotely enough to make them a ‘side’.

On the subject of the Commonwealth, eventually I’ll texture variant infantry for the Commonwealth members who will probably make up some squads you order as GBR. Similar solution for black soldiers in the United States contingent.