[POST] Generic German Flier

Yeah, exactly what it sounds like. A3.

I haven’t done any of this in a very long time so I need to relearn most of the basics.

I really need screenshots that look good, where the infantry are at a distance or a very good angle, where there is no distortion. Take screenshots as png lossless, if you can. There is a command. With and without fear/ammunition/rank icons.

Of course, it is missing the text and screenshots that will make or break the advertisement at the bottom. This is a very conservative poster design, since I need to test people before trying more elaborate ones.

Greyscale, in anticipation of cost-cutting measures. The key is keeping enough contrast in the image that it can do well enough as a coloured or monochrome composition.

You can check my screenshots, you can use any of them if you feel like it.

picasaweb.google.com/elisantiago … ionKoltso#

picasaweb.google.com/elisantiago … onstantin#