Possible new site

So after I got into web development with python doing the ladder site (using bottle.paws.de/) I wanted to dive into that deeper.
Choosing django as the framework I found code.djangoproject.com/wiki/ForumAppsComparison for a feature list.

Now, if you guys want, I would go on and try to recreate the current site with this stack.

Points of discussion:

  • want?
  • new design?
  • more features?
  • what pintax apps to use

As for want y/n:

  • single sign on for everything (openID is usable too)
  • better maintainable than a couple of different apps (redmine,phpBB,dokuwiki and the few ‘plain’ sites)
  • possible lobby bot integration. I already have a proof of concept based on the ladder site code that posts in channels on site activity.
  • I personally would be more inclined to maintin sth in python than the current php crap :wink:


  • there’s no automatic porting for forum/wiki content

Note that this is based on my current understanding of framework, so it’s possible I did not yet realize a major roadblock. I would bet tho that I missed more opportunities than possible problems.


flozi: new header that leaves space for that login/locale stuff would be nice

looks great :slight_smile:

forum and wiki application integration is done, issue tracking remaining


Any of you guys want to work on the visuals (css/templates) and have a linux box available to run the site? (If you’re really brave you could try running it on win too I guess…)
The main site code is available at springlobby.info/cgit.cgi/koshi/s44_site.git/ you’d just need a virtualenv with the django/pinax dependencies.


I just built a box running Ubuntu 9.10 stable a few days ago, I need a table to put it on and we might be in business?

How have you been, what have you been up to? I’ll be in lobby regularly again soon, I hope.

That would do nicely. Last time I actually ran the site I was still on 9.10 too.

Busy, mostly :stuck_out_tongue:
Lets see, what did I do kinda recently?

Edit: and I just chanced upon the new, completely brilliant, Marillion album: marillion.com/music/albums/less.htm (actually it’s already a year old, but new to me. I kinda stopped following Marillion after the marillion.com album)