Port the game to another Game Engine (TGE)

Hi, i like this game but i think the game engine graphics are outdated.

Is possible to port the game to TGE (Torque Game Engine) + RTS kit?

Uh. Go for it? I sure ain’t doing it.

I’d say your efforts are better spent actually making the Spring engine better :stuck_out_tongue:

Spring is a powerful engine but A great UI is missing ^^

In my case the problem is the time, i was learning TGE for more of 2 years, and i will need to learn more… so, learn another engine is more time… but i will check the spring sourcecode.

In many respects, the Spring engine is comparable and in some ways far superior to TGE. I looked into it some time ago when I was fishing for developers. Anyway, the primary issues with Spring are the outdated model and map formats currently supported, and of course, some inefficient internals. It would be much easier and probably more productive to improve these in Spring than to port the content to TGE.

Does TGE work on linux? Spring does.

Not that I would encourage porting the game to TGE anyway, it runs nicely on Spring, IMHO.

Yes, check the website: support, windows, mac, linux.

TGE is a commecrial engine as far as I see. So to make anything on it we’ll need to buy it first ($295.00). Sorry, for me this idea ends right here.

I think this guy already owns it. But yeah, I have zero interest or applicable skills.