polycount number ?

Hiya how many polygon acceptable for spring today, with standard comp (AMD dual core, 1 g ram) ?
for infantry, would 500 triangle acceptable ?
coz any unit in warcraft 3 use that amounts, and I never have a slowdown on big map. even with all those beautiful particle effect the spring lacks…
any thoughts ?

500 tris for infanty would be fine imo. I forget what the current S44 ones are at, probably not far off 500 and they need a makeover.

Our current inf are ~350, I think. And they’re pretty rough.

My ships are WAY more poly heavy, and I haven’t had a slowdown when testing them (in reasonable quantity ofc.) yet. A large destroyer is like 8k polies, plus it’s a 3DO = effectively double that amount… and the engine handles that nicely.

soldier usually need special attention to its polycount because u can have 100 soldier run on screen but not 100 warships onscreen :smiley:
btw how many poly on your ship ? i remember my WD advanced ship have 600-700 quad (~1400 poly).

The Fletcher is 8k polies (don’t remember exact count), those are mostly quads with some tris here and there. 3do model, each side of the poly is rendered separately = double that amount. Type 1934A is a bit lower in polycount, but not by much. British Type O and Hunt II are approx. the same, and Soviet Type 7 is somewhat lower on polycount (it lacks some of the detail I did on the other ships - type 7 was the first destroyer I made).
Keep in mind their guns lack gun crews modelled… The ships look fine as it is however, until you zoom closer and notice the fully automatic weapons :slight_smile:

How much polys can a building have in Spring?

There is no hard limit as far as I know. Some of my units (they aren’t buildings, but rendering-wise there is no difference) have 10k+ polies and render well (though them being large warships there aren’t more than a few at the time).