Players & Private Games

Seriously… just today I saw a group of Canadians and a group of Brits playing in two different passworded games. Most of the people I see doing this never make it into the channel, and never play in the various public games. I’d like to know why, and maybe to convince some of you to play with the general populace more. Would a team tournament, or even national team tournament help? Does anybody have insights into this phenomenon? I understand that people are comfortable playing with those they know, but there are so many people doing this for weeks or months at a time and then disappearing, seemingly too many in comparison to other games. I welcome any related discussion.

Well, I am not sure but maybe its because they dont know that there is such a channel?

I didnt know that too at the first days of playing S:44 with a other german player (who I lost contact to). Yuri once told me over the forum (or somebody else) that there is a channel for S44 players.

And I think the most guys just have the lobby client (from and the sdz file from the download section.

We maybe could fix that if we make our own Lobby client=?
Only showing S44 servers and only using our S44 channel as Primary Lobby room? (We already have such a installer but its based on the original one) Also just making the game ony availble together with the lobby client in a bundly not seperated?