Play s44!

Hey guys, I got a small rest from school for the week, so I wanna try out a tournament, see if I can get some games going on with friends and such, you are all welcome to register, and provide feedback for rules if you want (btw read the rules).

Direct link to register:

Link to see rules, bracket, etc. :

I’m probably up for this, what date(s) are we thinking?

Will probably need to make a slight update release for 94, there’s at least 1 potentially breaking issue (and a balance-upsetting engine change we can’t really do anything about)

the no specific dates policy is applied to this tournament… but I really want it to be sometime before this week ends, as my school break is only for that time. hehe…
And I will update the rules to reflect 94 dependancy… we can wait for the fix.

Maybe post over at main forums too?

Great, will do as soon as I update on the 94.

I don’t think I can play, but if I’m on, message me.

I’m down! Just make it clear when it’ll be, and I’ll try to be there. Floz: what needs fixing?


That’s what I’m trying to address here, I don’t want it fixed to a specific date where everything has to go down… I just want enough people registered to start it and then I’ll just hunt down the players that must play each match and make them play and then advance the bracket over the days. It’s just so hard to get everyone to play one particular day.

oh, ok, neat. signed up!

Deploying units being pushed around (r3802), updated UnitPreDamaged callin (param order changed) for 94 (r3801).

There’s a further issue with AP weapons though due to engine issue around per-piece colvols;


  1. Turret hits don’t damage
  2. Hits deal damage relative to distance to unit centre, so the front/rear armour aren’t working as expected.

Why would you voluntarily play this terrible game

psh, you’re just jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 Nemo

And it keeps getting bigger! Soo nice :’)

I decided to wait until this issue with infantry flying gets a fix before starting the tournament, just in case anyone was wondering, it’s still gonna happen and I’m still getting more participants.