Planes Suggestion

In my opinion, the call-in planes format with the radar posts are not very fun, though I understand that it would be unrealistic to fit an aircraft runway on the map. How about creating a collapsible Lua Widget to manage the Air Craft factory from afar, that will be enabled one a radar post is created.

That is a good idea yeah, in my opinion. Only thing missing is someone to implement it :slight_smile:

By maintaining a far away air factory and airfield and associated fleet of airplanes. we might have plane pilot experience that is kept for the duration of a game which could be cool.

Right now, once a plane runs out of fuel and leaves the combat, I suppose he takes his newly gained combat experience with him and never returns, only to be replaced by future airplane sorties that all are inexperienced.

I personally like the current model, my only issue is that pilot experience is lost. It would be cool if the game kept track of the various air sorties called in (sound like an oxymoron BTW) so it could know if certain airplane has a pilot doing his “3rd mission”. The way to track the latter could simply be that if one sortie runs out of fuel and leaves combat, then, if a new sortie is ordered, it will be the same pilots but with new fuel.

Of course, for the sake of realism, there must be some time for returning to base and refueling. Of course once again, realism is not always priority no 1. :wink:

Are capturable objects a viable option yet? Because if so, perhaps a runway could be the centerpiece for a large map in which the team with control of the runway will be able to get planes into the air faster. It would be a fun way to add some variety to the game.

This game is great when it comes to recreating ground combat from WWII, but what is the main focus of this game? Is this game heading to become a full recreation of WWII warfare? If so you will need to include more full scale air battles eventually (not to mention a navy and many other things).

But maybe the goal of the 1944 team is to focus on ground combat. If so, that’s great but in that case you should probably tone down the aircraft a bit. If this is game is going to focus on ground battles and ground battles only then aircraft should be limited to quick and effective air strikes, which may make fighters obsolete.

I think the 1944 team needs to update their mission statement. As it stands now you have already completed your mission.

The mission is to make a fun game. It may already be such (I hope so…) but we haven’t yet finished.

Aircraft are indeed just support units, just ones with more of a presence than in games like WiC (where they’re really just cursor weapons) which is what it sounds like you want. Fighters provide the air system with a bit more depth than “haha I bomb you” and they’re unlikely to go away. I appreciate the sentiment that we’ve completed our mission though.

Nobody has coded captureable map objects. Feel free!

IllvilJa - yeah, plane exp probably wouldn’t be too tricky, and likely a nice touch/incentive not to suicide your planes all the time.