Planes in 3D Space

Would I be right in saying that the ground in Spring is on the z, x plane and height is on the y? And does anyone know if the 3D coordinate system is right or left handed please as I can’t find anything on the site?

Ground plane = xz, y = height (+y is up, -y is down). z axis = front/back (+z is back, -z is front afaik), x = left/right. Can’t remember if +x is left or right though.

This is in unit’s local coordinate system (used for movements of model parts).

Thank you Yuritch, that is very helpful. :slight_smile:

Are you sure +Z is front? (or is it only 3do builder that has it backwards…)

Image is Smoths. Pretty sure that z+ is forward in Spring myself too, thinking of the various vector unitdef tags i.e. mainweapondir

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