Plane Stockpiling

I’ve changed the plane system so that you stockpile sorties by building them like platoons; once stockpiles are built you can call them in from any building that can stockpile that sortie. Stockpiles are shared within a team; losing a building will not affect your stockpile (although you may not have access to those sorties until you rebuild).


  • Do you think we need a mechanism (besides command cost) to limit the rate at which sorties can be called (e.g. a cooldown time)?
  • We are no longer limited by command storage; are there any sorties that you think should be more expensive?
  • What, if any, mechanisms should there be for transferring sorties between teams?

My idea for TACW was that sorties would have a ‘loiter time’ once called.

i.e. once ordered, they were only available for a certain time, so that ordered sorties were both time and resource limited.

Or perhaps just have it draw from the plane’s fuel? So you order a sortie, once you finish paying for it they start using up fuel - so you can stockpile massive air waves, but the more aircraft you have at once, the less time you can have such a huge force on the map.

I don’t know about making sorties fade over time. Given that there’s a delay between when you call in a sortie and when the planes arrive, it’s not really possible to conduct split-second timing. Given that, there’s no real advantage to have planes in your stockpile–better to have them on the field for as many seconds as possible. I suppose we could also make them use fuel less quickly when loitering, although that could get rather strange–given that a sortie can cost up to 6000 command (and even this may be too little), we’re looking at at least 80 seconds between sortie builds. I would consider losing even half that much time on a sortie unacceptable. Not to mention that HQ + 2 rax + 1 engineer + radar would already drain 150 command–you’d be hard-pressed to find that much command income on most maps, and even then you’re devoting a full half of your resources to air power. If you don’t have that much command income, or are actually committing more than the bare-bones minimum to ground forces, it’s going to take even longer to queue sorties.

In fact, in this case I would say we might as well dispense with the stockpile altogether and have the radar tower call in an air raid whenever it finishes a sortie.

I think a better idea would be an ‘airfield capacity’ (maybe linked to the ‘battle significance’ mod option which also influences command points). So that for a larger battle you are given more airfield space for your air support and can have more flights ready at once. And ready sorties will use that airfield space until called in. Maybe a space of 5 sorties for normal setting would be good (I don’t remember even having more than that sorties on the map at once, except when someone airscout spams).

I would prefer a cap over decay; this way you wouldn’t have to worry as much about having to order in sorties immediately at completion. Perhaps the cap could depend on the number of radars you build as well.

Yuri’s idea sounds good to me. Probably shouldn’t increase with radar, I’d say.

How’s this then: Each team gets a certain amount of “airfield space”, and the amount of airfield space taken up can be defined for each sortie. If there is no space for a sortie on the airfield, construction of the sortie is blocked using AllowBuildStep until enough space is freed up.

Awesome Zerg, that sounds perfect, and flexible for if we ever add heavier/bigger craft.