Plane Icons (Neddie)

Neddie, do you think you could make some icons for the various plane types? We have a recon plane, regular fighter, and bomber already - we need fighter bomber and ground-attack (as they’re rather important in terms of difference from other fighters).

Sure, but you could have told me in lobby where I would have seen it. I try not to post on the forums, but now I will be doing it regularly. Oh - what are these posts coming up from below! It is if I am compelled to speak! Speak! Speak! Speak!

Sure, I can work on those, but I probably need to fix some of the others first.

I’ve been looking at this problem. I will not be using the scout plane icon as a base, in fact, I plan to change that one as well.

Does anybody have a full list of the icons that must be remade and units that need new icons? I could make one, but I’m just wondering.

I made a fighter-bomber icon but I don’t like it much. I don’t want to resort to letters on the icons, but basically all the aircraft look the same from above. Bombs are generally hidden under the wing, as are guns, with only their tips making an appearance.