Pics I was (am, will, want to) going to use for s44wikiguide:

I have to GIMP them to export to JPG’s I will upload the rest in a couple mins.

Oh shoot… And I also make them small for wiki, but I have big ones… what do you want?

other pics but larger…

same pics as first but larger, and another, and I take a break for lunch. XD

btw if you are hoping for some action pics, not gonna happen cause I can’t turn off damn healthbars and they look crappy…

MORE PICS(editing this post so I don’t undermine nemo’s answer and my answer to nemo’s answer with some silly pic reply that’s got nothing to do with it…):

Alright, curses.

If someone has SVN, I can commit a version with healthbars disabled specifically for screenshotting (so you’d update to that revision in order to do action shots). Kloot commented out the code in his gadget which would let the user disable it, seems broken at first glance and I don’t have time to fix it as of yet.

k, I have SVN, and if (only if) Neddie would like me to make some action pics I could do my best to provide some, I’d just need you to walk me through updating to such revision.

Cause really I’m not in the need of any action pics right now, I just need unit pics for the wiki… and being able to upload to the wiki too …of course.

More pics:

I would really, really like some action pics. I can guarantee the use will be worth your effort.

EDIT: Koshi is trying to fix the wiki, as well.

Ok then, Nemo… walkthrough?

P.S. YAYS for Koshi!

Hi. Nice pictures. I’ve some too.

Edit: I thought this is just screenshot showcase :stuck_out_tongue:. Just read whole thread. I’ll try to make some usable screens too.

Oh, yes, Russians!

If you could get those with tracks or shadows, it might help out. I’ve used three or four of the images posted in this thread with decent results.

More pics: