Partisans not proceding to the partisan shack "rally" point

Freshly completed partisan contingents are not following move orders given to the partisan shack, the partisans just stay put in front of the shack.

I was testing svn rev 2300.

Btw, if partisans are sneaking about like bazookas and flamethrowers, shouldn’t they move slower like bazookas and flamethrowers? Just a thought.

May I also suggest that their molotovs do damage-over-time (set things on fire) instead of doing all the damage at once?

One last suggestion, I don’t think partisans should be able to capture flags, not even slowly. None of the other sneaky (cloakable) combat troops can capture flags (commissars can but they’re not combat troops).

That is a point, though…

Damage over-time is a good idea. The capping distinction has less to do with sneakiness and more to do with them as an extension of the ‘general’ troops (ie rifles/smgs). Note that their cap rate is a fraction of even the soviet rifle/smg cap rate, so you need between 20 and 40 of them for it to progress at a moderate pace, which is very far from cost effective.

I was particularly careful in the bug thread not to mention partisans, as they seem to undergo once again big changes. Can’t really have a good opinion about them either, because all of what has happened to them before, so I’m really puzzled.