Partisan rethink

There are a couple problems with Partisans. Balance-wise I think Ambush mode is far too cost effective.

However the way Partisans are created is also kind of boring. Most people just build a few shacks like they’re mini-barracks right in their main base and spam them as “filler” frontline units, as opposed to their real role as a rear harassment force.

So I propose they be “done” differently and FLOZ and I worked some ideas out.

Our “going idea” is to utilize the Soviet observation plane. Fit it with something – a button perhaps – that when activated the observation plane will drop a cache of supplies by parachute (and/or launch a bunch of propaganda leaflets). When it hits the ground the cache becomes a little cache of supplies, and is cloaked.

Over time, about every 10 seconds the cache will spawn a single Partisan around it. This way, over time, more and more Partisans will appear (it’ll be up to the player to keep them there to grow into a huge force or use them quickly).

This is more true to the idea of Partisans IMO. The other point is to “decentralize” Partisans from being part of your “core force” as well as make them less dependable by removing the ability for players to build them directly. You just seed a location (and with airdrops you can’t even select an exact location) and the Partisans will start a’gathering.

Sure. Sounds worth trying.

Sounds good for me, too.

Will that mean a new air mission type, available for USSR only?


The two ideas were either:

Drop Propaganda Leaflets - which spawns a single partisan squad where it lands,


Drop Partisan Supplies - which spawns a tiny supply pile which slowly spawns 2 or 3 partisans every so often until it is destroyed.

I like the pile+slow spawn idea. That said, I really want to knuckle down and focus on a release. If we could have this done in the next week or two, I’d be all for it and be happy to work it into the game with test builds. If we think it’d take longer, I think it should wait for next release.

Who’s going to implement it? That is, a button from some building (rax?) that sends a Po-2 to drop said supply pile.

Since we have almost all of that already for US Paratroopers (Plane called by structure, flies to co-ord, drops parachuting unit that transforms into real unit) I could do most of that. The only non-existing part is having the final Partisan spawner.

Perhaps the best way to do it would be to have this spawner spawn 1-3 partisans every 10-20 seconds for 5 minutes. That’s quite unpredictable, 15-90 partisans during that time. Would be best if they were spawned literally around it, like how start units are spawned around HQs (rather than in it).