Partisan feature request

Hi there, I am using the svn version 8253 and I have noticed that partisans don´t throw molotovs at buildings, instead they shoot at them.
As a feature request I would like to ask you if you could make partisans throw molotovs as the default action on the “atack building” order.

Another “issue” with partisans is that they don´t respect the factory defaults for movement and agressiveness options: they all spawn with “Fire at will”.

As an aside: How do you use the ambush option in partisans?

Aside 2: What happened to prisioners?

what kind of buildings? They should fire rifles at ‘deployed’ things like sandbagged MGs or guns, but only throw molotovs at proper buildings like barracks or tank yards and such. This is according to their current target settings.

The order-state carry-over was just left out of the gadget, I’ll try to add it soon.

To use ambush, just press ‘ambush’ and it disables the rifle on the partisans, so they stay cloaked until they throw the molotov.

Prisoners were generally too unstable for the main game - I never really ironed a lot of the bugs out, but the code is still there and usable if we decide in the future that it would be a good and not too-confusing addition.

Thanks for your answer, you are right, they do throw molotovs at buildings! I test it wrongly, sorry :slight_smile:

A small detail I have noticed is that partisans keep running towards the building while throwing molotovs until they end up fried in their own fire.