Partisan "Ambush"

Change Ambush so that it is either:

1 - Gone completely.

2 - Only usable when Partisans are staying still. Moving automatically turns Ambush “OFF”.

1 - If completly gone ==> I make a key binding to switch fast my partisans from “hold fire” to “fire at will” ,mimicing ambush

2 - If only avalable when they dont move. Then I use ambush in defence, for attack I do the same than for 1-

3 - My solution = We may have a larger decloak radius when they move, higher than the range of molotov (so ambush or switch “hold fire”==>“fire at will” are useless). Ambush should works appropriatly only when they don’t move, in that case decloak radius should be lower than molotov range.
Additionaly, partisans could be like suppressed when cloaked. reducing their attack power.


Some older versions had larger decloak radius for AT infantry when they moved. It is not the case anymore I think.

Another thing : a completly defensive partisan remove the use as a sabotage unit. In accordance with their historical role in german occuped territory, they destroyed infrastructures like railroads…