Panthers&KingTigers in WesternFrontier

Players: JAL vs Lowdive&Eriker23
Map: WesternFrontier
Game version: Test-2779
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): *****
Comments: Ger vs US&Russia , Eriker crashed early but Lowdive pushed a lot. Air ,arty & tank battles!.Nice map for S44. Looking at my last games , balance seem 2 be OK. I spamed scout planes to help my tanks with LoS.

Replays again :slight_smile: Thx!

Very nice recent games ie. as they drag on for a while and use all kinds of units.
Lowdive really put up some pressure which failed at the end in well prepared defences. I think a major issue might have been that the constant “production waypoint” attacks just gave JALs units experience ie. as there was virtually no recon before the attacks. The mass attacks of Shermans could have been exciting as well but they died again in senseless onrushs - most of the killing tank (hunters) where never seen I bet. I wonder if Russian tanks from Eriker23s remains would have worked?!
JAL on the other hand really had a constant recon going on and withstood even Kathy harassment.
The massive paratrooper attack by Lowdive was really good and I bet he caused a lot of trouble by that.

Good game.