out for a while on june 14th

just as a longish term head-up: I’m leaving on June 14th for Russia, where I’ll be all summer, and I’m not bringing my laptop…so while netcafes and whatnot will exist, I won’t be doing any work on S44 from mid-june to mid-august.

so, I propose we make sure we’ve released MG before that date <_<

I think FLOZi and I will be able to pick up while you’re out.

I’m all for a quicker release. too bad I can’t really help with testing because of network problems…

Where are you in the great journey toward resolving them? As far as I remember, they stemmed from your provider, then from your router, then the provider again.

I now have a capable machine, so once I have a working SVN GUI utility under Ubuntu I will be able to run with the pack again.

Update: I still exist, I’m just in exam period right now. The plan is to make a final build (things have seemed more or less alright as of late, maybe do something about artillery) before I go, so doing the actual ‘release’ is straightforward (just dumping it+ some new maps into the installer, checking the installer, and then moddb/etc). I’ll probably get to that at some point early next week.

Artillery is expensive. While propably being the best option for most players to use in a stalement, going for tanks is usually better in my opinion. It takes alot more effort and recon to use effectively but it is less costly to have a tanks beyond enemy LoS firing accurately than having alot of artillery firing randomly across the map.
Killing bases with artillery takes alot of storages and is only a lategame option.
Artillery makes the games end faster in my opinion. They make the stalements shorter once 1 player have obtained superior firepower.
Thats the role off artillery in s44 now in my opinion.
What else should it be?

I mean, that is pretty much exactly what I was going for, I’m just not sure how much fun it is.

So, we didn’t make the release. I’m just now easing back into 1944 work, but I hope my next major commits will come somewhat as surprises.


so, release? what are the major blocking factors?

Don’t know of any. Had a game yesterday, everything seemed fine.

I don’t know of any. It might be a good idea to clean up all the base spawning stuff for the new spring release, even if we have to leave some kind of backwards compatibility for current Spring. RC is just around the corner, though.

Won’t Tobi’s game_spaw.lua do that? We have an older version of it than the one he posted on Spring forum though.

Edit: quick comparison shows that newer version is only different by having a few more fail-safes, so we can just replace our with that one.

We should rewrite it to combine the base spawning gadget and some other stuff that i don’t remember offhand, though. It’ll be cleaner, easier to maintain and reduce the likelihood of some weird conflict.

It’s none blocking though, RC1 seems to work fine with current git.

edit: Did it anyway.

We might want to decide if we want normal mapping in or not.