Original Posters - This Man Is Your Friend

These are somewhat low resolution copies of original war posters from a series I term as “This Man Is Your Friend” - essentially in the early phase of the active war effort of the United States, we generated posters with stereotypical exemplars of our allies on them; I don’t think I have the full set, but this can be used as promotional material.

[attachment=6]This Man Is Your Friend - Australian.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=5]This Man Is Your Friend - Canadian.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=3]This Man Is Your Friend - Dutch Sailor.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=4]This Man Is Your Friend - Chinese.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=2]This Man Is Your Friend - Englishman.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=1]This Man Is Your Friend - Ethiopian.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=0]this Man Is Your Friend - Russian.jpg[/attachment]

I just want to mention that the Ethopian one is entirely bad ass while the Dutch and English shots are probably the most insulting to their respective nationals - see the makeup on the Dutch Sailor? Also note that he is a sailor, not a combatant? Hurm…

I want to use these in a run of posters/fliers where each side has a different advertisement and a different poster. Not at present, nor soon, but eventually. Just for the U.S. fliers? Y/N?

lololol look at the bad teeth on the englishman hahaha


I like how the Dutch Sailor looks like a male prostitute.


I mean, seriously, I know people were less concerned with accurate representation back then, but dddddamn.